Project Management (158 companies found)

The firms featured in this category provide turnkey project management services to architects, interior designers, retail display merchandisers, store planners, contractors, principals and others involved in the design, construction and remodeling of brick-and-mortar retail stores of all kinds, from luxury and fashion apparel boutiques to big-box retailers, discount chains and more. The project management services offered by the companies in this category include: FF&E selection, sourcing, procurement and management; site surveys; warehousing & shipping; logistics; installation management; documentation & reporting; scheduling; budgeting; fulfillment; web portals; and, more. Click on the links below to visit the websites of these project management providers, read more about their project management services, or to contact them by phone or email.

  • Fleetwood

    Quality custom fixtures from a single prototype to entire rollout
    Client Services & Project Management: Our client services and project management systems are just as customized for your project as your brand and fixtures. In our experience, each client has unique service needs. Our mission is to custom fit our portfolio of capabilities to your goals and objectives. Our client services and...
  • Artitalia Group

    Your One Stop Provider of Complete Store Environments
    Project Management: There are so many components involved in a retail rollout that good communication with your supplying partners is paramount. That’s why we assign every client a dedicated project team to be with you every step of the way. Each project team is comprised of four specialists: • Account Executive •...
  • Chandler, Inc.

    Design. Fabricate. Implement. Support. Selling Environments.
    Project Management: The project management capabilities of Chandler include client specific teams, scope of work documentation, status reports, scheduling, field support, site surveys, budget tracking, and show service coordination.
  • Showbest Fixture Corp.

    Quality, Custom and Standard Wood Store Fixtures
    Project Management Services: Showbest Fixture Corp.'s project managers handle every stage of client projects including: design inception; outsourcing for materials; prototyping; manufacturing & storage logistics; and, installation oversight. The goal of Showbest's project management services are to eliminate any stress or...
  • Installation Solutions, Inc

    Nationwide project management and installation services.
    Project Management: Installation Solutions believes that being great at Project Management requires more than managing a project. It also requires anticipating problems before they actually can become problems and marshaling diverse expertise to assure that the best people are giving their best. It means having an...
  • Sureway Tool & Engineering

    Custom Metal Fabrication and Fulfillment
    Sureway Tool & Engineering is a “One Stop Shop” for Custom Metal Fabrication. Since 1962, Sureway has been engineering and manufacturing metal products for several industries. Launched as a designer & builder of stamping dies, we’ve evolved into a skilled fabricator operating some of the most...
  • Dynamic Resources, Inc.

    The First Truly Global Retail Services Company
    Project Management: Dynamic Resources' project managers design programs that suite the needs of their clients and work with them on everything from the first field survey and site design, through production management, shipping, warehousing and logistics, and ending with delivery, installation, and on-going...
  • JPMA Global, Inc.

    Manufacturer of Superior Wood and Metal Store Fixtures
    Project Management: JPMA's ultimate goal is to support its clients in selling more products. To ensure their clients' success, the project management team at JMPA accompanies clients through every level of the project's development. With everything from manufacturing and logistics, to design and installations,...
  • GH+A design studios

    Innovatively designed interior and exterior retail environments.
    Roll-out Program: GH+A has a highly experienced technical team and has developed an efficient methodology in approaching national roll-out programs. Our approach has proved its worth and we are part of H&M’s consultant of choice for their roll-outs in Canada and a segment of the United States territory. + Site...
  • Yunker Industries, Inc.

    Retail Sign Creation, Production and Management Company
    Program Management Services: Yunker's project management services include: project coordination, installation, warehousing, fulfillment and online reporting. Click on the 'click for phone' or 'send an email' link to learn more about the project management services offered by Yunker Industries.
  • Accel Group

    In the Right Hands, Attention to Detail Shines Through.
    Accel Group specializes in custom store fixtures and POP displays in medium to high volume runs. Its plastic laminate, wood and metal solutions are designed to dynamically showcase merchandise and meet exacting demands for dependable engineering, quality craftsmanship, timely delivery and...