LED Innovator Tivoli Lighting Presents the New Eclipse Wall Light System

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TUSTIN, Calif., Aug. 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Just in time for the long awaited Solar Eclipse on August 21st, LED innovator, Tivoli Lighting is launching its revolutionary EclipseWall Light System. This proprietary lighting innovation has been designed in response to a need that has arisen as the movie theater industry began evolving into a luxury theater experience.

Across the country, instead of sitting through movies in hard, rigid seats, moviegoers are now relaxing in recliners and in many cases, are being offered a full-service food and beverage service right at their seat at one of the newly renovated Luxury Theaters. This phenomenon has not only changed how people enjoy the movies, but it has changed the way designers and architects think about lighting.

In the reclined position, the "existing" and "legacy" wall safety light systems were designed for upright viewing. Thus, when the guests lay back, in a recliner their movie experience is adversely affected by the glare coming from the old systems. The Eclipse system is designed to project light in towards the wall at a reflector which then reflects the light out to the floor to eliminate glare. Additionally, the new configuration for seating in these theaters require longer and wider landings at each aisle. In the past, to effectively produce the safety code required light levels of .2fc (foot candles) evenly across the steps up to the seating a wall system on both sides of the steps or a rail system and wall system together had to be used.

The patent pending Eclipse design projects .2 fc from one side only up to 5-6 feet depending on mounting height. This reduces some of the cost of materials to convert, as well as some of the labor costs. "One of the great benefits of Eclipse is that it has been engineered with the installer in mind, reducing the installation steps, saving time and money," says Jim Hardaway, Tivoli's Director of Sales & Marketing.

The Eclipse system also features Tivoli's Titanium PCB engine for unmatched quality and consistent color. Amongst the new features includes Tivoli's exclusive light baffle that is used to reduce patron glare, joiner brackets for continuous runs, angled brackets for stairways and inner and outer brackets for wall corners. "The new Eclipse wall mount system is a perfect choice for advanced linear LED aisle lighting," Hardaway adds.

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With 50 years of innovation and experience, Tivoli Lighting continues to lead the linear lighting industry. As LED technology advances, its award-winning architectural and theater LED-based products continue to improve in appearance, quality, performance, and energy saving advantages. Tivoli's loyal team of 60+ employees continues to strive to incorporate innovation, color quality, and longevity of life into every product it manufactures and engineers.

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