Pioneer Millworks Brings the Portland Trail Blazers Court to You

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PORTLAND, Ore., March 21, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Pioneer Millworks has reclaimed decommissioned court flooring previously used by the Portland Trail Blazers and Portland Fire. The hard maple flooring has original paint in colorful line patterns, typography, and other imagery.

Elise Payne, design expert at Pioneer Millworks explains, "The hard maple used in gymnasium court floors is remarkably durable and has plenty of life left in it even after being salvaged from the Moda Center and Coliseum. The decommissioned maple flooring is attached to plywood, so we're selling it in 4'x8′ sheets or cut-to-size." The company notes that while quantities of the Blazers flooring are limited, other court flooring and bleachers are available.

As athletic facilities age and school designs are updated, many choose to replace their gymnasium or court flooring (and bleachers too). "In this case, the original finish of the flooring, complete with painted lines, typography, and markings has been left intact to create a very unique appearance which varies from slab to slab," continued Payne. "If the desire is for a clean look though, we have other salvaged floors where the old finish can be carefully milled off revealing the bright, clear tone of the Maple."

Pioneer Millworks often sources from dilapidated factories and agricultural buildings. The prospect of reclaiming from sports facilities was an exciting opportunity. They have reclaimed hard maple gymnasium and court flooring plus bleacher boards in a mixture of Pine, Fir, and even Mahogany from various locations. The company's Sports Collection inventory celebrates original surfaces and athletic markings in a variety of paint colors - green, yellow, red, grey, black, and blue - which can create a random and playful reminder of the wood's source.

About Pioneer Millworks:
Pioneer Millworks is the leader in the reclaimed and sustainable wood industry, has experienced wood design experts working directly with clients and mills crafting products from both coasts. To date, they've rescued nearly 28 million board feet of old wood from rot and landfills, giving it new life as flooring, paneling, millwork, cabinetry, and more. All of their wood products are manufactured in a way that's healthy for customers, employees, and the environment. Pioneer Millworks is FSC-certified and Green America approved. All of their products are LEED point eligible.

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