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Urban Fossil: A Circular Product

Press Release from COVERINGSETC

MIAMI, June 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- With the goal of reaching zero waste, CoveringsETC presents Urban Fossil- an exclusive new collection of Future Friendly™ Bio-Glass products that Close-The-Loop on glass recycling and may help contribute toward LEED points.

Urban Fossil Bio-Glass, Glacier Shards with Topaz Bottles.

Infinitely recyclable, Bio-Glass products follow a circular strategy. As opposed to the linear economy model of "take-make-waste," circular products have an infinite amount of life cycles that ensure no waste is ever generated. Bio-Glass is made of 100% post-consumer upcycled glass bottles and is 100% recyclable. The manufacturing of Bio-Glass not only prevents waste; it also stops the depletion of natural resources, decreases pollution and largely reduces the carbon footprint by over 40% compared to first generation glass.

The Urban Fossil collection exhibits a curated array of upcycled bottles of diverse size and shape embedded throughout the surface of the infinitely recyclable material. With no colorants or additives, the color of each product is determined by the materials used during the manufacturing process. The idea to recognize the beauty behind everyday, discarded items was founder Ofer Mizrahi's inspiration to redesign and repurpose them into a new life cycle.

CoveringsETC, a leading hard surface design company and innovator in circular products, is a member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). Situated in the Miami Ironside enclave - a human scale superblock that houses the Miami Chapter of The Circular Economy Club - CoveringsETC is a source for natural and recyclable material concepts, committed to finding solutions in sustainable design and bio-architecture. To learn more, visit

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