Elias Woodwork Production Facility Expansion!

Press Release from Elias Woodwork

Elias Woodwork is excited to announce yet another expansion to our manufacturing facilities. In our ongoing efforts to meet customer demand and keep up with industry trends, we felt that additional space dedicated to our Rigid Thermofoil, Decorative Laminate Veneer and Acrylic products was needed. Operations Manager Ralph Fehr says; "In our ongoing search to help the independent Cabinet Makers of North America be the industry leaders in design, function, and ultimately profitability, it became apparent that with the advent of a myriad of new technically and texturally advanced Rigid Thermofoils (RTF), High Pressure Laminates, Decorative Laminate Veneers (DLV), and High Gloss Acrylics, the cabinet door that used to be relegated to the low value cabinet reno and construction segment now has the potential to become a real upscale design leader. For this reason, we felt it was imperative that we invest in improved technology, space, and expertise and reinforce our position in this arena.  A “Smart Pod” press with automated unloading, 5 CNC routers, Laser edge banding equipment, and various ancillary equipment has now been added, along with another 30,000 square feet and about 20 employees, to enhance these product offerings. Knowing that many of these doors styles, colors, and coatings are going into new upscale homes, attention to detail and quality not normally associated with RTF, DLV, and flat edge banded doors will now be ’standard equipment’… a given, if you will.  People will be very happy with our catalog of products in this field.”

Since our beginnings in 1983, Elias Woodwork has taken advantage of being located in the geographical center of North America, shipping product from one end to the other for customers from a wide range of industries. Utilizing lean manufacturing has allowed Elias Woodwork to continue to grow and remain competitive for our customers while providing quality custom products. Since 2011, we have more than doubled our production facilities to total over 285,000 square feet including approximately 23,000 square feet dedicated to wood finishing using state of the art equipment and high quality finishing materials. The new space added for our other material products will provide us with the ability to further meet the needs of our customers.

As with our wood finishing, we are dedicated to providing quality thermofoil, laminate and acrylic products as well. With thermofoil doors, we ensure optimal adhesion by spraying the glue on the MDF door with extra attention going to the coverage on the edges. This method creates a strong bond between the thermofoil and MDF that will resist peeling. Other manufacturers prefer to use glue-backed vinyl that is heat activated which does not provide the same level of adhesion.  DLV products have just started to grow in popularity. One thing that makes them unique as a wood alternate is the 5 piece construction that is often seen on wood doors. The color options are fewer simply because there is much more materials needing to be stocked, however the look and feel of these doors are so close the real thing, they can present an excellent option for some kitchen projects. The biggest "tell" can be in the joint construction. We ensure that our DLV doors have smooth, flush joints which can be difficult to achieve. Lastly, our Acrylic high gloss doors are hot air edge banded for seamless edges and quality appearance. These doors are still popular and can offer a truly unique style when matched with texture and pattern or just on their own.

From the sales team… “We are so excited to have our newly expanded RTF, DLV, Acrylic High Gloss, and Pressed Veneer department. From ultra-modern to more traditional low maintenance designs and colors, we are very confident we have capacity to produce something for every taste at the very TOP of the quality and delivery scales.” Keep an eye out for new colors we will be introducing soon. Phone 1-800-665-0623 and speak to a customer service specialist for more information and quoting.

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