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What Is a Benefit-Oriented Ad Campaign?

Press Release from Metropolitan Display

No matter how long you've been creating marketing campaigns to promote your brand or service, it probably did not take you long to realize the rewards of using benefit oriented advertising. Even if you are the largest brand in the world or offer a service everyone must have, prospects will remain a prospect until they understand the "WIFM" fact - what's in it for me.

However, once they appreciate how your business can solve their problems, fulfill their needs or gratify their desires, they connect emotionally and are motivated to action. Fortunately, it just takes a few simple steps to tweak advertising and make it appeal to prospects and encourage them to make a buying decision.

Lights, Camera, Action

Advertising copy should be clear, concise and loaded with action words because action words, especially action verbs, are influential and communicate passion and intensity. For instance, which of the sentences below would motivate you to purchase this imaginary product?

"Our natural sunscreen with 100% organic ingredients will take care of your skin all day."

"Deflect sunrays - defend skin with XYZ."

The second sentence assures potential customers they can safeguard their skin while it plays on their emotions with verbs like deflect and defend.

Less is Always More

Look at our example above one more time. It contains six simple syllable words and no irrelevant or redundant text. The message is quite clear and the customer benefits are obvious. Powerful statements like this create compelling ad content for flyers, brochures, product labeling or display advertising products such as banners and signs.

If you can say it in six or seven words (or less), you will supercharge your advertising power. Is your product lightweight, easy to set up and take down? Tell the world!

Hook Prospects with Headlines

What is the common denominator between print and broadcast advertisements? The answer, of course, is the headline. Advertising copywriters know that the headline must contain some juicy tidbit of bait to hook the reader. These crafty wordsmiths use phrases like "the insider secrets of...", "the lazy person's way to ...", "everything you have to know about..." to entice individuals to keep reading to find out the hidden secrets.

Use ad headlines to your advantage by using them to broadcast the benefits of your products to your target market. Promise them secret knowledge or boast about value, but make sure you deliver on your promises.

The beauty of benefit-oriented advertising is it makes your sales job much easier. Customers and prospects feel better about buying because they understand how they will benefit. You benefit from increased sales, brand recognition or market share. It's a win-win scenario for everyone.

At Metropolitan Display we have all the products you need to create an awesome benefit oriented ad campaign including poster frames, retractable banners, sidewalk and curb signs and with all of these you can obtain custom printed inserts!

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