The Legacy of Endeavour Cast a New Light

Press Release from LEDCONN Corp.

Brea, Calif., March 15, 2013 — Assembled in Palmdale, California in 1990, the Space Shuttle Endeavour returns home after its 25 missions and 4671 orbits around Planet Earth. NASA has designated the California Science Center as the location for her permanent home, where Endeavour will continue an enduring mission to motivate and inspire the next generation. LEDCONN is honored to provide iFIT LED Light Panel as the backlighting to the information displays. Over 1,000,000 guests have visited the Science Center in the four-month period since the exhibit opening in October 30, 2012.

The Situation:

The Samuel Oschin Pavilion, with a space of 17,225 sq.ft, features the Space Shuttle Endeavour exhibition. It was critical to ensure the exhibit display would be compelling alongside the gigantic 122ft x 78ft Orbiter. The Science Center's design team faced challenges attaining the appropriate lighting for displays. Kathy Marsailes, Sr. Exhibit Designer at the Science Center said, "The building ceiling is very high, which makes suspended track lighting a problem. The track would have needed reinforcing cables to mitigate the effects of an earthquake. This would create visual clutter around Endeavour. Also, some of the panels are attached to a railing under Endeavour where improper lighting would impair a visitor's ability to read the panels. Attaching a lamp to them would not be very attractive." At the time, the scheduled grand opening was in less than two months -- an efficient illumination and quick turn-around time was needed.

The Solution:

Taking into account the lighting and time-constraint issues, Ironwood, one of the most experienced exhibit producers, was brought on board to fabricate the exhibit displays. Working with the industry veteran, LEDCONN was able to provide the innovative edge-lit iFit LED Light Panels that are merely 1/4" thick to complement the technology ambiance of the exhibit with quality light. Marsailes further commented, "The beauty of the backlit panels is that there is no light spillage, so all of the focus is on the dramatically lit Endeavour. There are no concerns about the visitor's shadow blocking the graphic while they are reading the information panels."

Besides the aesthetics that LEDCONN provided, the prompt response during the tight project time frame was also a key to success. Mr. Ralph Hudson, owner of Ironwood, said "From personal experience, I can highly recommend LEDCONN for LED panels. Prices, product and delivery were very good, their customer service and attention to detail were excellent! We had a few challenges with our project; LEDCONN was able to expedite production and deliver quickly, to help us meet our deadline."

LEDCONN takes pride in providing absolute detailed work satisfying its clients such as Ironwood and the California Science Center. In this project, 14 panels of 14"x36" and 2 larger panels 36"x48" are in use. The delivery was expedited within 14 days rather than the average 21 days.

The Outcome:

From the exhibit opening October 30, 2012 through March 7, 2013,  1,067,878  people have visited the Science Center. The Center's mission is to stimulate curiosity and inspire science learning in everyone. Many thanks to all of the creative and persistent minds involved to ensure the Endeavour will continue its legacy in the new light at the California Science Center! 

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