Brands Can 'Nudge' Consumers Toward More Sustainable Choices, Advises CBX Executive

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NEW YORK, Aug. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Brands can use principles from Design Thinking to bolster consumer demand for products and packages that are better for the planet, advises Jamie Klein Daley, VP of strategy at CBX, in a column for Packaging Digest.

It all starts with acknowledging the reality that most consumers are unwilling to pay extra for sustainability, and that being preachy is a nonstarter. "People like the idea of embracing responsible purchasing behavior," Daley writes. "The problem is in the framing: Paying a voluntary penalty is a tough sell no matter the domain."

In the Aug. 6 column ("Sustainable Packaging Success Starts with Design Thinking"), Daley critiques approaches that give consumers a choice between, say, an expensive sustainable package, on the one hand, and a cheaper, landfill-clogging one on the other.

However, brands can shift the conversation in productive ways by emphasizing the rewards associated with sustainable products and packs. Design Thinking, with its focus on cultivating a deep understanding of consumers, provides a solid framework for this approach. "If you think carefully about what it's like to be your customer, you can craft a superior experience that cements long-term loyalty and drives strong brand-identification," Daley writes.

In the column, she provides anecdotes of how some designers and academic researchers have moved the conversation "away from explicit, moralistic references (consumers read this as a penalty) and toward what is easy, natural, and rewarding—in other words, a benefit."

The veteran brand strategist cites the win-win approach of Litter One. Users of the kitty litter system subscribe to receive 100 percent biodegradable boxes that basically maintain themselves. "It's easier, cleaner, and better for the planet—the kind of approach that triggers consumers' feel-good neurotransmitters."

Over the long term, the goal should be to make all of the options provided to consumers both sustainable and affordable. Manufacturers and designers are already working toward that end by revamping their internal processes, Daley writes. CBX, for one, has reduced the development cycle for new products, brands and packaging by up to 18 months through Leap by CBX, a newly launched initiative based on elements of Agile Scrum and Design Thinking.

"Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle has had its day," Daley writes in the conclusion to the piece. "The future belongs to those who can Replace and Rethink."

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