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Coloredge Positions Itself For Growth With New Hire

Press Release from Coloredge

NEW YORK, Dec. 7, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Coloredge, the largest national provider for visual marketing solutions, is expanding its capabilities to comprehensively serve clients as an end-to-end provider across all categories for their retail and promotional needs. As a leader in the industry, Coloredge has created the new executive position of Vice President of Procurement and Sourcing. Offering strategic open manufacturing and supplier relationship management capabilities, the company will deliver effective procurement of materials, creative strategies, and strategic partnerships across all sites to its core customers.

Coloredge has welcomed Deborah Sorg to the position, whose depth and breadth of experience is reflected in her 28 years in the industry and in her previous roles during her decade at L'Oréal USA. "I am excited to be part of the Coloredge Management team," says Sorg. "There is a true synergy between my experience and the Coloredge portfolio. I look forward to bringing enterprise business solutions and establishing a robust sourcing program, for its clientele and am even more excited to be part of an organization that is leading the transformation within Retail."

In a time when brick and mortar stores need to reinvent themselves to extend their markets, brands are looking to create experiences with pop-ups and branded environments to engage audiences, and Sorg's team will provide a cost-effective and streamlined way to produce and manufacture these non-permanent spaces with a quick turnaround.

"Cost is a concern for all of our customers, but we understand it's even more important to create great experiences within their retail locations," says Coloredge CEO, Emmanuel Doe. "We partner with brands to help them execute their vision. With an obvious need in the market for a full service partner that brands can lean on to outsource their retail and promotional needs, we saw an opportunity to become an even more effective partner for our clients."

Sorg notes, "Coloredge is leading in many different channels. The team here is brilliant and manufactures projects one can only dream of. From a line of business perspective, I will be building a structure that will support greater capabilities through manufacturing, while enhancing value and cost savings for all of our customers."

About Coloredge: Coloredge is the largest provider of visual marketing solutions for premier brands and retailers. Coloredge uses the most advanced manufacturing technologies and production processes to create high-impact visual spaces and branded environments for retailers, museums, events, arenas and corporate spaces. Coloredge also provides full end-to-end creative services including graphic design, CGI/3D imaging, creative retouching, package prototyping, photography, and creative retouching. With over thirty years of experience, Coloredge is constantly focusing on how to innovate and continue to shift within the retail landscape. With fully interchangeable bi-coastal production facilities and headquarters in New York City, Coloredge is strategically situated to support clients with their most demanding needs.


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