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Coloredge Launches New Innovation Centers Across the United States

Press Release from Coloredge

NEW YORK, June 28, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- This initiative is focused on bringing innovation design centers 'closer to our clients' to work alongside of them as they ideate and produce to achieve their business objectives. Our innovation centers will diversify beyond our core print manufacturing capabilities to bring together not only ours but our partners offerings to deliver best in class capabilities and solutions which can be sustainably and efficiently manufactured.

We are transitioning Coloredge into a partnership with clients that embraces digital technology, manufacturing technology and material advancements to assist our clients in displaying their absolute best creative concepts as their needs metamorphoses quickly over time. The ephemeral nature of today's audience and their ability to process changes necessitates a closer more nimble partnership with creative teams across all industries to stay relevant.

"It's an exciting new time for us at Coloredge. We will begin by launching our innovation centers in both LA and the NY Metro Area." says President and CEO, Emmanuel Doe.

The official launch date for both innovation centers is scheduled for October 1st, 2019, and both centers will encompass a holistic approach to be a comprehensive center for clients to ideate, render, prototype, source, design, manufacture best in class solutions. Our centers will become the mecca of creative talent serving the community with everything from pre production straight through post production. They will be staffed with experts to walk through visual and creative campaigns effortlessly.

"We opted to launch these centers because as the world becomes digital, the need for personal experiences and end to end management only increases exponentially. Coloredge is leveraging global capabilities and partners whilst providing the central management and controls for our clients to own the creative by being alongside them every step of the way. We are the first production company in the market to create destinations to guide the client from beginning to end and creating the creative solution for the future," said Doe. "We are changing history and entering a new frontier for our clients, partners, and team members."

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