Artitalia Group's Updated Product List to curb the COVID-19 Pandemic

Press Release from Artitalia Group Inc.

Artitalia Group's Updated Product List to curb the COVID-19 Pandemic

Note: Artitalia Group is currently producing and shipping all items on this list.

Artitalia Group has created a variety of products for our clients, deemed to be essential to society and to help them continue operating. 
Please see the new products we have developed.
Note: Examples appear within the title.

Sliding Protective Screen
These sliding protective screens will help eliminate the spread of germs at pay stations and checkout lanes. Made from commercial-grade acrylic, these panels can slide from left to right, which allows the store clerk access to their pay station. Once in their allotted space, the store clerk can then slide the acrylic panel closed.

Partition and Social Distancing Queue System
We have revamped our Aura Wall System to create partitions with clear acrylic to let in natural light. These partitions will come complete with holders to place hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes. Our Distancing Indicator Queue Line can be used to queue those behind and to help with the safe social distancing practice. And lastly, provide additional guidance with our Laminated Vinyl Floor Decals that can be adhered to the floor.

Laminated Floor Decals
The laminated decals are self-adhesive with laminate and can safely adhere to a wide range of materials and surfaces. This makes them suitable for high-traffic areas such as in store or warehouses. Lastly, they are used to provide additional guidance to and from entrances, exits, pay stations, etc. all while respecting the 2m/6ft social distancing rules currently put forward.

Protective Hygiene Shields
These protective hygiene shields have been custom designed and produced in order to help protect both the in-store associate and the general public at essential retail (Pharmacies, Convenience Stores, Grocery Stores, Banks, etc.) and restaurant outlets. 

Foot Door Handles
The foot door handles can be used in place (or to replace) a typical door handle to enable someone to open a door using their foot.

Aura Wall System
This is a modular wall system that can be produced
, shipped, erected, then dismantled and re-installed quickly and easily. This wall system can be used in the medical field to create “pop-up” hospital rooms if/and when the hospital capacity is at a maximum.
Other Examples: 
Custom Material Handling Carts for E-Commerce and Logistics Companies
We continue to support our clients within the retail sector and the e-commerce sectors by producing custom material handling and specialty carts to move parcels and products that are deemed essential from the distribution centers to homes. As most retail outlets are currently closed and people are required to stay home, the public is using their e-commerce (.com) platform to purchase their essential goods. 

Automated Parcel Lockers - Addobox
With the decrease of in-store traffic and with the increase of people buying online, retailers need to find new and creative ways in order to get their products to their clients. The Addobox is an Automated Parcel Locker that retailers, brands, and any company can use in order to get their products out to their clients quickly and efficiently.

For example, these Automated Parcel Lockers can be placed in public areas that people often navigate to, such as 
subway stations, hospitals, community centers, shopping malls, gas stations, etc.
Medical Supplies
We are currently working on designing and producing products required and needed for hospitals and the medical industry such as face shields, specialty medical carts, hospital beds, medical stools, etc. More to come on this when its ready to be released. 
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