FLOOR STAND HYGIENIC SHIELD - Safeguard for Customers and Employees on Place Systems

Press Release from Artitalia Group Inc.



With governments slowly loosening lockdown restrictions, the return to a sense of normalcy is imminent—or rather the “new” normal is. Artitalia Group has designed a solution to safeguard customers and associates with a simple yet effective Floor Stand Hygienic Shield that can be used in offices, restaurants, factory assembly lines, and areas where close social contact needs to be minimized in order to eliminate the spread of germs.

Made from custom commercial grade polycarbonate, these hygienic shields are adjustable with a knurled spring plunger for 3 different heights, and available with a germicidal powder coating. The low profile base also provides a safe alternative when placed in high traffic areas reducing tripping hazards improving mobility for workplaces, restaurants, and common areas.

Embrace the “new” normal all while keeping safe and mitigating the spread of germs with this cost-effective and smart solution for your customers and associates.
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