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Garment Hanger Legend, Henry Hanger, Celebrating 90 Years

Press Release from Henry Hanger Company

LOS ANGELES, April 2, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Fashion industry icon, Henry Hanger, a leading worldwide supplier to fine retailers, hotels, couture designers, chic boutiques, and a cadre of A-List celebrities, announces their 90-year anniversary.

A storied tale in retail, Henry Hanger began its claim to fame when founder Henry Spitz marveled at how luxurious retail garments were being displayed on inexpensive wire hangers. According to Spitz, it not only demeaned the clothing in the customer's eyes but affected the garment's long-term wear. He once quipped; ''Are you going to hang an expensive suit on a wire hanger?" Following in the footsteps of his businessman father Henry, Bernie Spitz hit the highways and byways during the Great Depression at the ripe age of 18 with a penchant for humor and irresistible charm.

Bernie's persistence paid off when he made his first big retail sale to J.C. Penney and the company developed the first unbreakable acrylic hanger for retail use. With a vision to transform an industry, he was dubbed "The Hanger King" that served as the moniker for a Richard Dreyfus character in the hit movie "Down & Out in Beverly Hills." The company grew and went on to create a full line of luxurious hangers with over 800 styles to become an industry staple among New York's most elite Fashion Avenue designers and fine retailers like Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman.

For retailers, nothing is more paramount than how garments are displayed in-store. A streamlined silhouette has a direct impact on how customers perceive a garment and its value. This is why displaying clothing on the right hangers is so important to enhance the shape and detail. No one knew this better than Bernie who coined the phrase; "A garment well displayed is a sale half made". The rest is history‚Äďa history of innovation from fine woods, sumptuous satins, linens, velvets, as well as the company's own signature acrylic and display lines.

Now as a third-generation company with 90 years in the business, Henry Hanger's success with retailers has also taught consumers that there is a hanger for every garment and that closets should be designed as any other interior space with beautiful hangers that reflect our own individual style.

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