Ligman support PLDC 2013 as a Silver Partner

Press Release from Ligman Lighting

LIGMAN as sponsorship for incomming Professional Lighting Design Convention (PLDC) event this year 2013. PLDC offers further and continuing education in the field of lighting design and the presentation of cutting-edge technologies.

PLDC 2013 will comprise the next chapter in a history of successful conventions. The convention offers a communication platform for established lighting designers, researchers, students, manufacturers, city planners, architects and related professions to network, exchange and share knowledge and new approaches in the field of light and lighting.

This biannual Convention was created for the global lighting design market. Designers, lighting architects, researchers, universities, industry and clients use PLDC as a platform to meet, learn about the latest developments in lighting design, and discuss the future of the lighting profession. PLDC stands for high quality knowledge transfer and international networking opportunities.

The conference offering approximately 70 presentations given by high-profi le speakers. All submissions will be blind-reviewed by an independent jury of experts from the lighting business. The convention will also include invited Keynote Speakers, a sponsoring partners' meeting area, pre-convention meetings, social events, selfrunning electronic poster presentations and a Gala Dinner during which the Professional Lighting Design Recognition Awards will be given for outstanding achievements in Architectural Lighting Design.v

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