design:retail - 6.28.18
Products by Vonn, LLC
  • Capella Modern Flower-Pedal LED Chandelier

    Gaze into the night sky and you’ll find your eyes resting on Capella, the brightest star in the constellation Auriga. The Capella collection by VONN is inspired by this unique and rare celestial body sharing the same spectral colors of our sun. The multi-ring design and the LED diode array... Read More
  • Dorado Industrial LED Pendant

    The Industrial style in lighting is accomplished through utilitarian design features. The Dorado collection by VONN captures these principles through the use of visible pivot points and locking pins. Each are functional: The fixture pivots at the mounting bracket, while the pins provide access... Read More
  • Zuben Modern LED Circular Ceiling Fixture

    Negative space is a central element of artistic composition. When properly applied, it supports the greater whole, balancing individual objects within an overall masterpiece. As applied to lighting, Zuben ceiling and wall fixtures use negative space to assert a confidence in the greater... Read More