HFA Explains How A Zoned Approach Mitigates the Risk of Spreading COVID-19 in Shared Spaces

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BENTONVILLE, Ark., Aug. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Whether COVID-19 is eradicated soon with the help of a vaccine or if it remains an endemic disease for decades, heading back to communal workspaces will at some point become a norm for many around the world, but how can we ensure that we don't put employees at increased risk of catching or spreading infectious diseases? The HFA Design Thinking team discusses what they have learned throughout quarantine and how we can equip our offices and other communal workspaces to adapt to the future.

"We know that a physical office has significant benefits that can be used both independently and in conjunction with remote work when thoughtfully designed. Offices provide valuable resources, mentorship, training opportunities, cultural exchange and socialization, and of course, host client interactions. While some pre-vaccine safety practices may soon become familiar, even comfortable, we believe that in the post-vaccine era of COVID-19, short-term tactics like increased isolation and reduced capacity will fade away."

Defining daylighting, circulation, tactical, hover, and collaboration zones while simultaneously learning how to layer these areas and create zone adjacencies are key to minimizing risk and maximizing function within any office setting.

"Our zoned space planning strategy recognizes that various office spaces have distinct frequencies of use, rates of turnover, time durations, and degrees of necessary proximity to others. These characteristics determine the general risk level and determine the mitigation strategies to prioritize in each area. Properly mapping and layering these zones throughout the space and prioritizing safety strategies, helps retain an open, creative, and collaborative office environment."

"As designers and engineers, we look for every opportunity, even unimaginable tragic events like a worldwide pandemic, to envision a better-built environment. Making a series of adjustments using the strategies outlined in this article can better support employee's mental, emotional, and physical health."

With 30 years of experience from the retail, restaurant, commercial, and real estate industries, we're uniquely positioned to use our knowledge and expertise to further the architecture industry in this post-pandemic era.

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