Loox LED Lighting Gets Bigger and Brighter

Press Release from Häfele America Co.

(02-04-2014) Archdale, N.C., USA,  February 4, 2014

Häfele America Co. is pleased to announce the expanded Loox family of LED lighting to provide brighter lights, higher quality technology and more solutions for cabinetry lighting. Through this expansion, the 12 V system, 24 V system and 350-mA system have grown to include 21 additional products and four new drivers.

"As the leader in LED lighting for cabinets, Häfele strives to offer improved solutions with high quality features to better illuminate a space," said Jeff Ratkus, product manager for Häfele. "The new lighting products provide more flexibility for designers and builders, especially as LEDs gain popularity with consumers."

The expanded line includes the following products, in addition to several others.

•   Loox LED 2020 – Perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, this 12 V puck light has an IP44 certification, meaning it is protected from the intrusion of water and solid objects greater than 1 mm. The Loox 2020 illuminates with a diffused glow, which provides even lighting without showing the diodes. 
•   Loox LED 2013 – This 12 V flexible strip light is ideal for use over countertops, toe kick lighting or in other places that require elongated uniform lighting.  
•   Loox LED 3010 – For applications where a brighter light is required, this 24 V puck light also provides a diffused glow, comes in three color temperatures and is dimmable. It is an ideal choice for task lighting or to highlight a display.
•   Loox LED 3015 – Ideal for use under cabinets and over countertops, this 24 V flexible strip light is available in a warmer shade than the 12 V and also provides a diffused glow. 
•   Loox LED 3017 – Unlike other LEDs that are available in pre-set color temperatures, this flexible strip light gives you the ability to adjust the light color from warm white to cool white and any temperature in between. It is ideal for an area where you want the flexibility to vary color temperatures to create different effects.

Unlike other lighting products, the Loox LED cabinet lighting system was specifically engineered to meet the needs of kitchen designers and cabinet manufacturers. It is designed to be highly flexible and is based on Plug & Play technology, which makes the drivers and switches simple to specify and install without an electrician.

While at KBIS, visitors can attend the Seeing as We Age: Lighting and Aging in Place seminar, sponsored by Häfele. With a deep understanding and long history with lighting in cabinetry, Häfele is sponsoring this event to ensure industry professionals are learning about the latest trends in lighting to benefit people of all ages, regardless of physical restrictions.

To learn more about Loox LED Lighting, please visit www.hafele.com/us.


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