Lavido Pantry Pull-Out Offers Unique Features

Press Release from Häfele America Co.

02-04-2014) Archdale, N.C., USA, February 4, 2014 – Häfele America Co. is pleased to now offer the Lavido Pantry Pull-Out as a stylish storage solution that offers superior functionality. 
"The Lavido addresses the growing need to fully utilize small spaces in the kitchen, and ensures functionality and accessibility by anyone, regardless of their ability," said Daniel Tripp, product manager for Häfele. "With the advanced technology in the system, minimal physical effort is required to fully utilize this product."

As you gently pull on the handle, all of the shelves extend evenly, while the soft-open feature allows it to fully glide out on its own. Additionally, the soft-close feature prevents the shelves from slamming back into the pantry and ensures smooth operation.

The pantry trays have a non-slip surface to keep stored items from sliding while the shelves are moving. Once in its extended position, the Lavido provides full access to shelves from all three sides to increase functionality and flexibility.

"In addition to the smooth operation, the Lavido gives homeowners the option to create customized storage," said Tripp. "Customers can choose between four to six shelves, which can easily be adjusted to accommodate stored items."

The Lavido needs a minimum inside cabinet depth of 19 11/16" to function, and each shelf can hold up to 44 lbs. Pantry trays are made of melamine and steel, and come in three finishes; chrome/maple, chrome/gray and chrome/white. The pantry frame is made of steel with a silver finish.

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