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By AMKO Displays LLC.

Our Pipe Rack System is made from heavy duty metal and designer with a vintage industrial feel. Our collection includes Nesting Tables, Ballet Bar, Double Rail Rack, 2-Way Rack, 4-Way Rack and more. We offer a wide array of retail systems readily available for your retail space. Visit our site... Read more »

By Hang-Ups Unlimited

Post your message where you want it, all the hardware you need for eye level signage. Read more »

By Architectural Systems, Inc.

Pacifica Hardwoods (formerly ASI Hardwood IV) is a light and airy inspired engineered prefinished collection, with a unique cross-grain construction reflecting the serenity and natural beauty of the West Coast. These two groupings have been updated to include New Classic, oak species in... Read more »

By Atlas Worldwide Packaging

STRETCH WRAP Our machine-stretched and hand-stretched films are cost efficient and designed to expedite wrapping large quantities of products while maintaining the consistency of the palletization process with precision. All films are available in the most common sizes, in both cast and blown... Read more »

By InnoMark Communications

Packaging has the power to make an impact – at the shelf and beyond the point of purchase. INNOMARK provides a wide variety of packaging options that attract attention, deliver your message, and differentiate your brand. Folding Cartons and Specialty Packaging INNOMARK Packaging Solutions... Read more »

By Orora Visual

We understand the value of partnering with a print provider that delivers on time and with no surprises. Orora Visual supports packaging and retail display manufacturers with high quality litho label and top sheet solutions. Our coast-to-coast manufacturing redundancies include facilities in... Read more »

By Graham & Brown

Graham & Brown's Paintable Textured wallpapers come many styles from traditional faux textures to contemporary designs that will make a dramatic feature wall. Read more »

By Lingo Manufacturing

Often used for heavier items, the bottom of pallet displays have the design of a pallet skid for easy movement with a forklift. This offers great store mobility for heavier products, and can provide an for a very attractive point of purchase campaign. Read more »

By Unarco Material Handling Inc.

The UNARCO Pallet Flow Rack system is driven by gravity. It is perfect for fast-moving product with first-in/first out (FIFO) stock rotation. Heavy-duty skate wheels on sloped shelves allow palletized loads to flow forward for picking. The high-density storage utilizes space with fewer aisles.... Read more »

By Unarco Material Handling Inc.

UNARCO manufactures many different types of roll-formed Pallet Rack to fit any warehouse storage requirement. Selective Pallet Rack is the main component of every warehouse system. It can be used as a stand-alone for pallet storage or as part of complex engineered systems for Carton Flow or... Read more »

By Charles Loomis Inc.

Charles Loomis designed the Pallina Ceiling Mount for areas with lower ceilings. The height is adjustable so it’s a good choice for areas with high ceilings as well. This design is an attractive alternative to common drum or bowl shaped ceiling mounts. The Pallina Ceiling Mount is offered in... Read more »

By Charles Loomis Inc.

The Pallina Pendant is contemporary, sparkly, and versatile. Sizes range from 14” to 44” diameter. Strands of hand blown glass “bubbles” suspend from a polished stainless steel ring. Bubbles, stacked in precise rows, are adjustable up or down to suit your preference. A variety of... Read more »

By Charles Loomis Inc.

Charles Loomis designed the Palisade Sconce to showcase its spectacular glass. Because the glass is extraordinary, he wanted its look to be simple and contemporary. Palisade's diffuser consists of more than one hundred free-form hand-cut pieces of crystal clear glass. Fusing them together... Read more »

By Palmer Retail Solutions

Palmer Promotional Products offers a complete line of fully customizable kiosk solutions. Custom solutions can be developed to suit any need. Read more »

By Vidir Machine Inc.

The Vidir Heavy Duty Pan Carousel is a high density storage and retrieval machine that fits perfectly into demanding industrial environments and situations where a high security level is required. The carousel can be fully enclosed offering complete containment of your inventory. Modular shelves... Read more »

By Rulon International

Rulon International offers an innovative wood panel system called Panel Grilles, which are manufactured with perfectly aligned and spaced wood strips. Panel Grilles can provide either a modern or traditional look and come in a variety of wood species and finish options. The final look is... Read more »

By Dawson Jones Store Fixtures

Plastic Skintone Female and Male Pant Form Read more »

By Silvestri California

Papier mache mannequins and forms are made from chip board and wheat paste and were the first real green product. It is 100% totally biodegradeable. The papier mache can be tinted or painted. A paper cover can be laid over for a different finish from the natural "craft" look. This material can... Read more »

By Duraamen Engineered Products Inc.

Päram 6000 is Portland cement based, high strength, fast setting, self-leveling concrete which accepts integral colors, chemical (acid) stains, dyes and polishing. It is designed to be used as a wear surface. Päram 6000 can be installed from 1/4” to 1.5” in a single application and up to 5”... Read more »

By Charles Loomis Inc.

While relaxing outside on a sunny day, light reflecting on columns of golden bubbles in a crystal glass of champagne captured the attention of Charles Loomis. This vision made him think of Paris – the city of lights - and ultimately inspired the Paris Collection. Hand blown glass bubbles... Read more »

By NK Newlook Inc.

Paris collection Inspired by Paris’ Arc de Triomphe, this collection curves arches into the wood, giving each piece a sensuous silhouette. Each jewelry display case has ample storage, perfectly accented by ornate patterns that frame the wood. Read more »

By Charles Loomis Inc.

Charles Loomis designed the Paris Sconce was designed to compliment his Paris Chandelier and Floor Lamp. Like other fixtures in the Collection, the Paris Sconce has lots of sparkling glass bubbles and is illuminated by low voltage halogen lamps. It is beautiful alone or paired with other... Read more »

By Parterre Flooring Systems

With Park Bench, everything that’s old is new again, as the look of weathered wood is updated with a metallic flare. The result is a luxury vinyl flooring with a warm, but modern feel that’s perfect for any commercial setting. Park Bench is available in a 4”x36” plank size, and two colors... Read more »

By Kinter

Superior grip. Super strong spring steel. Twist on to lock securely on ceiling grid. When locked in place, this is our strongest ceiling clip. No special tools required. For use on standard 15/16" ceiling grid tee bars 20 gauge spring steel painted white Read more »

By Kinter

This extra strong “S” hook is designed for hanging heavy merchandising strips or peg hook strips from our Under-Shelf Hardware-Mount Merchandising Hanger #107117 (sold separately). .080" Dia., 1" L. Bottom opening is a bit larger than top opening Bright galvanized steel material Read more »

By Kinter

Double your marketing impact with a simultaneous way to add pricing or advertisements to most 1-1/4" shelf price channels. Dual (top and bottom) curved open face design easily accepts common data tickets, tags or signs in addition to product or category messages. Both top and bottom accept... Read more »

By Kinter

Scan codes thru the clear facing, or stick adhesive labels to the front. Clear window provides a clean, neat appearance while protecting data tickets, UPC inserts or signs on common .700" height metal peg hook scan plates. Change labels with easy side or top insertion/removal. Designed for... Read more »

By Kinter

Versatile delta shaped hole fits almost any plastic or metal, single or double peg hook. Self-centering. Separate tabs packaged in bulk, not on a sheet or roll. Inexpensive way to hang and display unlimited types of products vertically – just peel and stick. .015" (15 mil) thick 1-1/4" delta... Read more »

By Duraamen Engineered Products Inc.

Patinaetch is a mildly acidic water based solution designed to etch and stain concrete or masonry substrates. The chemical reaction with the substrate results in naturally variegated earth tones similar to the oxidation of a copper or the patina of a bronze sculpture. Unlike paints or coatings,... Read more »

By Howard Elliott Collection

Outdoor patio furniture from Howard Elliot includes the Alexandria chair collection, blocks and cylinders, pod chairs, poufs, Scroll chairs and ottomans, cushions and covers. Read more »

By Charles Loomis Inc.

Designed by Charles Loomis, the Patois Frizzante Pendant is transformed with each change in diffusers. It can be traditional, dramatic, flamboyant, or contemporary depending on your preference. Customize it to suit your space. The Patois Frizzante Pendant is available in diameters of 24” to... Read more »

By Arborite

Arborite features a wide array of laminate patterns for commercial or residential applications. Arborite’s high-pressure laminate delivers contemporary good looks, durability and versatility. It is no wonder Arborite has become synonymous with decorative high-pressure laminate. Read more »

By Coloronix

DMX Hardwire Interface Read more »

By Laminart

The Pearlescence® collection of high-pressure decorative laminates by Lamin-Art offer specifiers the widest palette of iridescent hues on the market, and an unmatched selection of innovative finishes. All Pearlescence Solid Colors can be specified in the traditional Gloss and Textured... Read more »

By Sturdy Store Displays

This glass showcase is a freestanding masterpiece! It's a pedestal display case that features a pull-out drawer for complete inside access. Glass-to-glass bonding allows merchandise to be viewed from any angle. When you’ve got to impress, think Impression Series! The pick of leading national... Read more »

By Tecno Display

Pedestals can be divided into three categories: Basic laminated pedestals used to highlight giftware, artwork, sculpture, collectibles, or toys. These pedestals are available in any height, depth, and width, and can be used individually or grouped together in different areas of the center of... Read more »

By Vista Visual Group

Our acrylic displays include everything from pedestals, cubes, platforms, risers, shoe displays, clothing apparel displays, cosmetics displays, jewelry displays, showcases, mirrors, literature displays, signholders, shelf displays, cell phone displays, collection boxes, eyewear displays, ballot... Read more »

By WW Pedestals

Branding is critical to establishing product and corporate visibility. WW Pedestals machines into solid surface material your business logos and artwork and then finishes them to provide branded pedestals that increase your visibility. Read more »

By Nashville Display

Peg Displays and Accessories

Small hanging items are easier to browse and select from these peg spinners for countertop and floor. Perfect for displaying a wide range of small items. Read more »

Product Website

By Pacific Panel Products

Pegboard has long been used as a wall panel for organizing everything from P.O.P. displays in your local grocery store to keeping your tools off of your workbench in your garage. Pacific Panel is the only manufacturer of pegboard in California and has been selling it for over fifteen years. •... Read more »

By Omni-Power Co., Ltd

Omni-Power is specialized in producing custom pegboard fixtures of wood or a combination of metal. Our other products includes: nesting tables, POP displays, showcases, mirrors, display stands & tops, hangers, racks, mirror stands, signholders and more. The custom fixture design team at... Read more »

By Surplus Equipment Company /

Starter Section Includes: Base decks for each side Two pegboard backs Closed base fronts All assembly hardware & components Two upright posts with trims Adder Section Includes: Base decks for each side Two backs - pegboard or slotwall Closed base fronts All assembly hardware... Read more »

By ILEX Architectural Lighting

Norwell Lighting and Accessories produces high-quality, solid brass pendant lighting fixtures to complement any interior space. The diversity of its pendant styles range from historic reproductions to clean, contemporary designs, and include: the Windsor pendant with stepped glass, available in... Read more »

By OWI, Inc.

OWI's Pendant Speakers are the perfect choice for the high ceilings found in stores, atriums, lobbies, sports centers, transportations centers and for the open, unfinished style ceilings that are so popular in retail and restaurant design. Featuring 360 degree sound and 180 degree dispersion,... Read more »

By WAC Lighting Co.

WAC Lighting stocks hundreds of different styles of pendant lighting that come in a wide array of shapes, colors, finishes, mounting options, and hand-blown glass designs. The company's pendant product lines include: dwelLED LED pendants (Elliptic, Flair, Kiss, Lolli, Niveous and Rocket styles);... Read more »

By Ecosense Lighting

The PENTAS LED luminaire, by Journée Lighting, features bold aesthetic design and innovative features, providing an attractive and efficient alternative to traditional light sources. At the heart of the PENTAS retro, yet functional styling is the GE Infusion™ LED Module. GE’s removable LED... Read more »

By Duraamen Engineered Products Inc.

Perdüre UMC is a three-component urethane modified cementitious flooring system formulated to withstand harsh and demanding environments. Perdüre UMC flooring system combines the most demanding performance characteristics - resistance to impact, abrasion, chemicals and thermal shock. A urethane... Read more »