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About Verilux Inc.--The Healthy Lighting Co.

Since our founding in 1956 by renowned artist, educator and engineer Howard Scott, Verilux, Inc. has lead the natural daylight lighting category by providing innovative products of the highest quality, backed by generous warranties and superior service for customers and dealers alike. Scientifically Tuned to the Human Eye™, Verilux® Natural Spectrum® lighting is refined to include the best of natural daylight without the harmful or unnecessary wavelengths. This visually efficient light allows you to see patterns, the printed word and true colors with less effort and irritation. With a precision and purity that set the standard in the gemological industry for diamond grading, Verilux® steadily gained recognition as a superior light source in many other professional settings. With continued innovation, all of the benefits of Verilux® Natural Spectrum® lighting and our expanding products are now available for homes and offices.

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Products by Verilux Inc.--The Healthy Lighting Co.

By Verilux Inc.--The Healthy Lighting Co.

Improve your mood, energy and focus with the HappyLight 6000 Energy Lamp from Verilux. Do you experience low energy, fatigue, difficulties sleeping and waking or an increase in cravings during the winter months? Or how about when you don’t get enough time outside? If so, you may be experiencing... Read more »