White Papers for Store Design and Visual Merchandising

  • Recycled Acrylic: A bright idea for sustainable retail

    Acrylic is a commonly used plastic resin – seen in everything from luxury retail displays to artwork, architectural elements and more. For designers, architects and engineers, acrylic is a popular choice due to its aesthetics, durability, versatile characteristics and affordable cost. Like any...
  • 2022 Product Catalog

    Features the current collection of the newest LED lighting solutions including linear lighting, spots, LED strips, modular electrified structures, luxury lighting, smart lighting controls and power supplies as well as accessories.
  • Find out how Diamonds Direct maximizes their store advertising with versatile illuminated displays.

    DSA Signage has been a valued partner of Diamonds Direct's store design for more than 10 years. We fabricate and ship illuminated light boxes for them in a variety of sizes and formats every time a new store opens! DSA supplied Diamonds Direct with illuminated double-sided thin profile light...
  • Merchandising Solutions

    Merchco’s merchandising team worked with the account’s category managers to design a program in which trained personnel visited each location on a monthly basis. While there, they performed various planogram updates and merchandising resets.
  • Un-Banking the Bank

    If it’s been a long time since you visited your local branch, statistics show you’re in good company. Adoption of electronic mobile banking has resulted in a decrease of in-branch foot traffic for many financial institutions. Chelsea Groton Bank sought to combat this trend by rethinking what a...
  • Case Study: Innovative Church Uses Ceiling Panels to Create a Wall of Light

    The stage design team at Blue Ridge Community Church created a versatile luminous wall using translucent ceiling panels that were illuminated from the rear. The top of each section was tapered to suggest the shape of cathedral arches. The wall, in the main sanctuary, was 18 feet tall at the...

  • The Advantages of Digital Menu Boards

    The benefits of digital menu boards go beyond the aesthetics of effective product presentation. In fact, as more and more restaurants are replacing printed posters and menus with digital boards, benefits such as operational efficiency and an increase in revenue are being realized. Though...
  • Slatwall Panels

    There are endless amounts of options to choose from when selecting the fixtures for your store. Slatwall is a popular choice for thousands of retailers. It is affordable, durable, versatile and simple to install.
  • Trending: Small Footprint, Commanding Impact

    Chandler designers leveraged their familiarity with pop-ups to design an open space with clear sightlines and a rustic-chic ambiance to welcome visitors. Our designers juxtaposed chic, clean finishes with classic ones to appeal to a variety of guests.
  • Health, Wellness & Specifying Luxury Vinyl Tile

    Today, Health-conscious designers, building owners and facility managers are paying more attention and asking more questions than ever before about products that they are purchasing as interest in the health and wellness aspects of the built environment continue to grow. This paper focuses on...
  • LED Lights the Way for Design

    Is the light too bright? Do you feel its heat? Are the light fixtures so large they defeat the overall design of the space? Not likely if LED lights are installed in place of traditional light sources. LED, the latest technology in energy efficient lighting stands for Light Emitting Diode – a...
  • The New Shopper Mindset

    Physical retail is alive and well, it just needs a relevancy makeover.
  • Why Lighting? At Retail and What Leads to Success?

    In this paper we analyze consumer behaviors, the trends in retail lighting, the different areas/applications for retail lighting in displays, and several case studies pertaining to energy savings as well as increased sales from lighting added to displays and shelf space.
  • Century 21 - Philadelphia

    Century 21 Department Store, established in 1961, is legendary for its exceptional offering of designer merchandise at discounted pricing. The retail giant opened its newest location at the Philadelphia Gallery Mall. Market Street receives a digital lift with two LED display...
  • The Art of Feng Shui

    Our World Wide Stone Corporation team consulted with a certified Feng Shui coach and practitioner to create this e-booklet designed to give you a basic introduction to this ancient Chinese philosophy for increasing prosperity and success in any space.
  • Hiding Electrical Wires with Faux Wood Beams

    Today, our homes are filled with electrical wires for everything from entertainment systems to lighting fixtures. Unfortunately, these cords and cables can be extremely unsightly. And although some electronics stores may sell special tubing, or other products that are designed to conceal the...

    Consumers today are inspired to purchase by two seemingly conflicting motivators. First, consumers’ pocket books, still very much affected by the state of the economy over the past few years, continue to inspire conservative purchasing. At the same time, today’s consumers are beginning to feel...
  • Plants in Green Buildings

    An in-depth report about how interior landscaping can, and should, be used as part of a green building management system in new and existing buildings. Read about how plants contribute to the indoor environment by improving air quality, reducing noise and regulating temperature and humidity.
  • Importing Retail Fixtures Made Easy: 5 Tips for Choosing the Best Supplier

    Today, retailersare looking for value and quality when buying their fixtures. The job of a smart retailer is to make an informed choice about their fixture supplier to ensure the best quality at the best price. Store fixtures should help retailers drive sales without breaking their budget. One...
  • 5 Steps to Personalizing the In-Store Experience

    Revamping the in-store environment with merchandising and POP displays: Facing fierce competition and high operating expenses, today’s retailers must develop new strategies for attracting consumers and building brand recognition.
  • From Design to Rollout

    Developing and Implementing a Fixture Program Doesn't Have to Break the Bank
  • Display Component Parts

    Johnson Bros Metal Forming makes custom roll formed component parts for many industries including the Display Industry.