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  • Adjustable Sputnik Gripper

    Griplock’s line of Sputnik Grippers was designed to suspend oversized, non-linear pendant fixtures. The multi-tasking Sputnik suspends the fixture from a single cable, while leveling it with three or four stabilizing cables, allowing both the height and the plane of the fixture to be adjusted.... Read More
  • Adjustable Type-15 Ring Gripper

    With the ability to suspend up to 60 lbs on 1/16" aircraft cable, the Type-15 ring gripper has some serious hanging capabilities. Fully adjustable, this gripper can be used in a variety of applications. From suspending the classic, to modern and everything in between, it can hang them all! Read More
  • Frame Mounted Gripper

    Part of the Art Suspension System since its inception, the 15-B3 has stood the test of time. Attach the 15-B3 to the wooden frame of your art and you can hang and level a framed piece in seconds – without tools! The 15-B3 is suitable for everything from a small photo to a large canvas and... Read More
  • Gated Hook Gripper

    The 15-GHA gated hook gripper was originally designed to hang artwork securely. Now celebrating its 6th birthday, our little tyke has graduated into some serious suspension. Still at use in galleries and coffee shops across the country, the 15-GHA can now be found suspending mannequins in... Read More
  • Gated Hook Grippers

    15Z-1420-GHA, 25Z-1420-GHA, 30Z-1420-V6-GHA The uses for Griplock’s Gated Hook Grippers are seemingly endless. Its easy to imagine them holding lights, speakers, curtains, backdrops, banners—almost any kind of temporary or permanent installation. Cables exit at the side of the gripper, so... Read More
  • Griplock Art Hanging Track

    Hanging art objects and paintings on fine stainless steel aircraft cables has become the trend among art display professionals and private collectors alike. Simply install our low profile track along your walls, insert and position the cables and attach your paintings. Our adjustable Cable... Read More
  • Griplock Loop-It

    We’ve been seeing aircraft cable used to hang signage in store windows for a while now. Often the sleek look of the cable is compromised by the S- hooks and bent wires that attach the cables to the signage and ceilings. We thought we could do better. The tiny, satin-finished Loop-It™ is a... Read More
  • Heavy Duty Clevis Grippers

    Cable hung design elements are nothing new. A strategically hung decorative resin panel can turn a plain room into art. Often, however, the sleek, modern look of the cable is compromised by the S- hooks and bent wires attaching the cables to the panel and the ceiling. So Griplock decided to... Read More
  • Heavy Duty Ring Grippers

    Griplock's 6-ball Ring Gripper is endlessly versatile, especially if you marry it to a karabiner or shackle. If you’re carrying only one cable-gripper in your toolbox, this should be it. It comes in 3 sizes: The Type-30 gripper for 3/32" - 1/8" 7x7 or 7x19 wire rope may be the baby in the... Read More
  • Picture Wire Gripper

    Sometimes the artwork you would like to hang comes finished with a wire on the back. The 15Z-M6R-SL2.6 Picture Wire Gripper attaches directly to the wire on the frame, and then to the cable leading from the Art Track. The 15Z-M6R-SL2.6 Picture Wire Gripper is the quickest and simplest way to... Read More
  • Pushmepullyu Adjustable Loop Gripper

    A double ended gripper, the Pushmepullyu uses aircraft cable of any length to create a self locking loop around truss, bar, or any structural component, allowing you to quickly hang lights, fixtures, sound equipment, and the like. Rapidly adjust the cable to fine tune the height of the hanging... Read More
  • Slip Ring Cable Couplers

    The beauty of Griplock’s patented Slip Ring Cable Couplers is their simplicity. The Slip Ring Cable Coupler consists of two pieces which separate, allowing the ceiling canopy to be lowered while the fixture remains attached to the ceiling structure. You get easy access to the electrical... Read More
  • Small Side Clamp Grippers

    DG-15-SCR-SAT and DG-15-SCL-SAT Our small side clamps from the display line of grippers are versatile enough to hang almost anything. Perfect for signage, the DG-15-SCR-SAT (right side) and DG-15-SCL-SAT (left side) small clamps offer a clean, minimal look. For use with 3/64” to 1/16” cable,... Read More
  • Y-Cable Kits

    With the intention of assisting manufacturers and installers to keep pace and stay competitive, Griplock offers a popular range of well-priced industrial cabling kits that make a week on a cherry picker just that much easier and a lot more efficient. The key component of the Griplock... Read More
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