EnvironmentalLights.com Launches RGB ColorChase LED Strip Lights

Press Release from Environmental Lights

EnvironmentalLights.com, a leading source for high-quality, energy-efficient LED lighting, recently launched RGB ColorChase LED strip lights. As one of the newest technologies in the LED market, chasing strip light stands apart from standard color-changing strip light. It combines the ability to produce millions of colors with the technology needed to achieve individual pixel control.

"With improved color mixing, top-of-the-line LEDs and individual pixel control, you can depend on these high-quality LED strip lights to create beautiful installations," said Alicia Cheng, Director of Product Development. "LED chasing strip light is a fantastic product for studio, architectural and decorative purposes - an easy solution for any project that requires a full color chasing LED control system."

RGB ColorChase strip light is designed with intelligent integrated circuit chips – also known as IC chips – which interface with the LEDs so you can have multiple colors on the strip at the same time. This is the beauty of pixel control. The ability to control the color of each LED individually creates an endless number of possibilities for colored chasing effects.

Watch videos of the chasing strip lights to see detail: http://www.youtube.com/environmentallights

Pixel Chasing Effects
Pixel chasing is when LEDs are sequentially illuminated to imitate the act of "chasing" one another down a light strip. By individually addressing each LED in the series, the user is able to illuminate each LED in order and create the chasing effect. When pixel chasing is combined with RGB color mixing, millions of different lighting effects become available to the user.

"When used with our CMRC LED controller you can chase the lights forward, backward, towards the center and out from the center," explains Neil Berry, Product Engineer at EnvironmentalLights.com. "This combined with configurable pattern segment length and speed allows you to create something completely unique and extraordinary."

Chasing Micro Remote LED Controller (CMRC)
When interfaced with the Chasing Micro Remote Controller (CMRC), the RGB ColorChase LED strip lights are easy to control and customize. Pre-programmed with 84 chasing effects, the CMRC controller allows you to easily customize any of the effects by adjusting the speed or pattern segment length.

The speed can be adjusted from level 1 (fastest) to level 100 (slowest). The pattern segment length can be adjusted from 16 (32 LEDs = 1 meter) to 255 (510 LEDs = approximately 16 meters).

Two output ports on the CMRC controller give you the option of connecting one or two ColorChase strips in parallel, for simultaneous and synchronized control. The hand-held remote control allows you to wirelessly adjust modes and settings, has a range of over 100 feet and will work through walls.

IC Chip Advancements
The LEDs on the RGB ColorChase strip are SPI controlled by integrated chips (IC) built into the strip. Each IC chip controls two LEDs – enabling an efficient use of data. EnvironmentalLights.com has done extensive research to find a simple and energy-efficient chasing solution to meet our customer's needs.

"Creating seemingly complicated visual effects has never been easier," said Cheng. "With the touch of a button you can customize and design lighting for any environment where colored chasing effects are desired. This simple chasing solution has become instantly popular for our customers."

This is the first intelligent strip light in the chasing product family to be introduced into the extensive line of strip light already available at EnvironmentalLights.com.

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