InnoMark Adds Sakurai Screen Press

Press Release from InnoMark Communications

Posted on June 5, 2014 by Melissa Molyneaux

In response to the growing demand for premium packaging with special effects, InnoMark Communications has added a Sakurai screen press to its printing facility in Edgewood, Kentucky. The Sakurai, which can be used in conjunction with lithographic printing, has the ability to apply custom designed areas of raised UV coating and produce a variety of special effects, including texture, clear coat, fluorescent, and glitter.

In the past, InnoMark used traditional screen presses to produce these features. This process achieves beautiful results and is excellent for low to medium quantities. Offset lithography is far more efficient for high-volume projects, but is limited in the amount of coating it can apply. This new initiative will allow InnoMark to combine the efficiency of offset with the special effects of screen printing.

The Sakurai offers an efficient alternative that can apply the necessary coating at up to 2000 sheets per hour. When used in conjunction with offset lithographic printing, it is appropriate for high-volume quantities between 10,000 and 50,000. This will allow InnoMark to offer more competitive rates to clients that require special effects, such as clear coat, texture, glitter, etc.

The equipment represents a large part of the solution. However, experience and expertise are also essential. The Innomark Screen Print Division has the skill and technical knowledge necessary to successfully install, run, and maintain the press.

The Sakurai was acquired in response to InnoMark’s growing presence in the entertainment packaging segment. However, with a maximum sheet size of 39.1”x55.1”, it can also enhance the look of a variety of POP materials.

InnoMark is thrilled to offer the benefits of the Sakurai and looks forward to its installation.

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