TPE Solutions for Consumer Electronics

Press Release from Custom Plastics, Inc.

August 21, 2013 - CHICAGO - PolyOne GLS unveiled Versaflex ™ CE thermoplastic elastomers, created for applications in the consumer electronics market. This new material allows companies to create a truly unique product for the industry through design, performance, and consumer input on aesthetics.

"Our wide range of innovative technologies allow us to provide targeted performance for distinctive electronics applications," said Charles Page, global marketing director for PolyOne GLS Thermoplastic Elastomers, "and we continue to develop new solutions that address the needs of the fast-moving and rapidly expanding consumer electronics sector."

This new material offers designers a combination of performance, visual appeal and physical aspects, including:

  • Sensory attributes: Designers can combine outstanding aesthetics, such as silky-smooth soft feel, with color and texture.
  • Durability: Versaflex™ CE provides excellent chemical and UV resistance for durable components along with a lush feel.

This new innovation is perfectly suited to applications such as electronic wristbands, "smart" watches, and mobile devices. This new TPE technology addresses several top challenges of today's designers, including desirable haptics for high-end phone and tablet cases and excellent vibration-damping properties to improve device performance and comfort in use.

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