Prismaflex International Joins Exterion Media (Ex CBS Outdoor) for Their First LED Sign Network

Press Release from Prismaflex,Inc.

After working on a number of projects alongside Prismaflex International, Exterion Media again calls upon the French company to deploy its first network of large format digital signage across the whole of France.


Following on from Caen in 2011 and London in 2012,  Prismaflex International  is again working side by side with Exterion Media for the deployment of its first network of LED displays in France. Since late October 2013, Prismaflex has been installing a selection of its one-sided, wall mounted and double-sided PRISMATRONIC 8m² LED P8 SMD signs. This venture constitutes the first French nationwide network of outdoor digital signage to be operated by one of the sector's leading international groups.


Prismaflex , Europe's only company whose products are EMC compliant, is supplying  Exterion Media  with Prismatronic LED displays including an integrated remote operations control system via the BBM (Billboard Manager) software developed by  Prismaflex , a system designed to do away with the need for on-site anomaly monitoring and colour adjustment operations.

Prismaflex  has also deployed a Life Cycle Assessment process for its signs. An LCA, in other words a product's environmental profile, determines the environmental impact of a product, from its "birth" through to the product's "death", a process perfectly in keeping with the company's sustainable environmental responsibility commitments and which is currently being deployed for the complete product range.

All excellent reasons for  Exterion Media  to pursue their partnership with Prismaflex International, namely with the deployment of LED signage throughout France. 
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