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DF-6 Opaque Woven Mesh

This pattern is opaque when viewed straight on. Change your angle and you will change your view as this interesting weave becomes transparent. Read More

DF-8 Opaque Woven Mesh

Interesting textures develop both on the "Front" and "Back" of this unique woven wire pattern. DF-8 is a 4 wire version of the popular DF-1. Other pattern frequencies are available... create one and we will weave it for you. Read More

DI-2 Opaque Woven Mesh

The consistent and smooth plain crimped wires of the DI-2 opaque style mesh actually creates a visual roughness and texture that would look great applied to any surface. Although this is an "Opaque" style mesh, light does actually filter through the material ever so slightly making semi-private... Read More

DS-1 Opaque Woven Mesh

The gentle, flat wire undulations combined with straight wire produces a robust, symmetric, opaque fabric with soothing qualities. Ideal as cladding for all types of vertical and horizontal surfaces, it defines and protects with style. Bring your next project to Banker Wire, the worldwide leader... Read More

S-13 Mid-Fill Woven Mesh

Weaving a flat wire on close centers results in a Mid-Fill fabric with very low percent opening. Nearly a solid sheet of flat wire, the S-13 material is heavy and dense. Slightly larger spaced options are also available... please call. Read More

DF-1 Opaque Woven Mesh

Bright embossing technology applied to traditional flat top crimp style produces a beautifully faceted cladding product. Because the facets only deviate slightly from the plane of the fabric, very interesting reflective patterns develop at a near-perpendicular viewing perspective. This is an... Read More

DS-2 Opaque Woven Mesh

A very robust, symmetric fabric utilizing Banker's exclusive embossing technology. Read More

DS-5 Opaque Woven Mesh

Smooth and flowing four wire opaque pattern produces a weave with constantly changing reflective characteristics at oblique angles. While categorized as an opaque weave, the DS-5 actually allows small slivers of light to filter through the wires. This makes for an interesting interior design... Read More

Wall Cladding, Trade Show Exhibits: Subaru

Banker M13Z-145 wire mesh was used as the backdrop at the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show to promote the new 2011 Subaru models. These pictures clearly display how the rigid cable style mesh can be used to show long linear direction due to the wide and narrow aspect ratios. Product(s) Used: M13Z-145 Read More

Signage and Displays: Honda Solar Hydrogen Station

Honda was in search of a "Futuristic" material to compliment their new Honda Solar Hydrogen Station. They found what they were looking for in the Banker Architectural DS-5 Opaque woven wire mesh. The DS-5 opaque style architectural weave actually allows small slivers of light to shine through... Read More

Signage and Displays: Frye Boots, NYC Store Display

The 148 year old Frye Company, manufacturer of leather footwear and accessories, opened its first Frye Store last year in a century-old cast iron factory in New York. Banker Wire’s P-286 brass-finish wire mesh was chosen for the project by New York based architectural firm, AvroKO. "We wanted... Read More

Cabinetry and Casework: Lucky Peach Wall Panels

Stainless steel M44-7 wire mesh is used to create interest in the background of this stage set of HBO’s Treme Season 2. The multifaceted crimp of the 4 individual woven wires sparkle as the panels are accented with lighting from above. The entrance to this restaurant is also divided by a privacy... Read More

Cabinetry and Casework: Cactus Club Cafe

Banker Wire 3DZ-151 architectural wire mesh provides the surface cladding for this popular Vancouver dining experience. This unique Vancouver original establishment chose to use the smoothness of the 3DZ-151 woven wire mesh pattern around their bar and cabinetry. Product(s) Used: 3DZ-151 Read More

Cabinetry and Casework: Carnevino Restaurant

Award-winning steakhouse Carnevino, in Las Vegas, has created a high-end luxury steakhouse in Hong Kong. Carnevino’s designers utilized wire mesh from Banker Wire, giving the décor key metal finishes that fit perfectly with the vintage racing motif. Banker Wire’s DS-1, SZ-4 and IPZ-25 mesh... Read More

Elevator and Wall Cladding: Montgomery Building, Elevator Cladding

While not part of our current collection, DL-2 is another example of a specialized wire mesh cladding product that was commissioned for this particular vertical surface cladding application. Weaving wire mesh for cladding applications is largely untapped. Banker Wire has the ability to... Read More

Elevator and Wall Cladding: Bucyrus International, Elevator Cladding

A newly remodeled Bucyrus Erie manufacturing Campus looked to Banker to provide a metal wire mesh cladding for the outside of their central elevator banks. All three of their floors were clad with a customized DS-5 Opaque architectural woven wire mesh. Banker wire fabricated each panel using an... Read More

Elevator and Wall Cladding: The Gateway

The Gateway project uses M13Z-293 designer triple shute wire mesh to clad their elevator cab interiors. With the help of overhead lighting, the woven wire mesh really lights up with reflectivity. While the M13Z-293 is not an opaque wire mesh, it serves as a way to add texture to the walls while... Read More

Elevator and Wall Cladding: University of Southern California, Ronald Tutor Center

DS-3 is a single wire Opaque architectural wire mesh weave with a lot of character. Subtle shades of stainless steel wire woven side by side reveal the natural characteristics of this architectural cladding mesh. Product(s) Used: DS-3 Read More

Elevator and Wall Cladding: AECOM Offices

The AECOM project encompassed the consolidation of seven operating companies into one integrated office space that reflected the progressive culture of the company. We were charged with utilizing the existing transitional mahogany wood clad elevator lobby without compromising the contemporary... Read More

Elevator and Wall Cladding: Armani Exchange Stores

Banker Wire S-12 Architectural wire mesh is used for all Armani Exchange stores worldwide. The S-12 in stainless steel provides a consistent background reflective texture throughout the entire store. The unique design characteristics of woven wire mesh allow retail designers to create a... Read More

Elevator and Wall Cladding: IBI Group, Interior Wall Cladding Panels

IBI Group, Canada’s largest integrated architectural and engineering firm, and the fourth largest in the world, fell in love with the detail and quality of wire mesh while working on a project for one of its clients. So, it was no surprise it used Banker Wire’s mesh when it renovated its new... Read More

Furniture: Dental Office, Custom Desk

The clean and bright look of Banker's S-12 stainless steel wire mesh follows the contour of this custom piece of furniture. Most of the woven wire mesh patterns that Banker Wire manufactures can be very flexible to conform to a shapely structure. Product(s) Used: S-12 Read More

Furniture: Stainless Wire Mesh Lounge Chair

Chris Palmer of the Cranbrook Academy of Art set out to design a contemporary piece of furniture using Banker Wire woven wire mesh. The architectural woven wire pattern M12Z-16 provides flex in one direction and rigidity in another direction. The wire mesh panel is arranged on the dark walnut... Read More

Furniture: Woven Wire Mesh Benches

The large scale Banker Wire FPZ-16 wire mesh is characterized as a flat top weave. The smooth top surface makes this the perfect choice for the custom crafted bench surfaces. Product(s) Used: FPZ-16 Read More

Flooring: California State University, Fresno

An innovated use of DS-5 architectural stainless woven fabric. Slight transparency of the wire mesh makes this staircase look as if it were floating. The wire mesh staircase is a great example of how the architects and designers are exploring unique ways to use the wide ranging product. Banker... Read More


The DI-4 weave is a new addition to Banker Wire’s product roster. Available in brass, bronze and stainless steel, this specification demonstrates how various mesh patterns can be combined and customized to suit any vision. Tightly-woven plain crimped wires create visual roughness and texture,... Read More


Banker Wire introduces the delicate S-40 weave. This simple, flat wire pattern has a gently undulating shape for subtle elegance. Its large open area is well suited for millwork and railings. A lightweight weave, S-40 can also be used for cabinetry infill. Because of its flat wire construction,... Read More


LPZ-62 can be used for a wide array of applications. LPZ-62 features both plain crimp and lock crimp in a single weave characterized by strength, durability and a clean, consistent aesthetic. Available in aluminum, copper, brass, mild steel, stainless steel, pre-galvanized and Galfan® wire,... Read More

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