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Products by IMGR America - FOURMI Gondola Movers

  • Gondola Moving Equipment - FOURMI Skat

    FOURMI® skate has been especially designed to move gondola display but it has also been engineered to be universal with other store fixtures. FOURMI® skate is also very efficient for: - moving modular display units - moving shelving - moving refrigeration units (chillers and... Read More
  • Lifting Bar

    A lifting bar adapted to most retail fixtures' feet (gondola shelving, backroom equipment, racking systems, refrigeration units, checkout counters, displays...). It has been especially designed to easily lift the units' foot. Read More
  • Holding Bars

    They are included in the FOURMI® case to secure the gondola's back panels. They are to be fitted on top of the upright at each bay intersection. They reinforce the whole unit and prevent the gondola's back panels from coming apart during difficult manoeuvres on uneven floors. Read More

News about IMGR America - FOURMI Gondola Movers

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