DSA Signage Proudly Unveils New Facility

Press Release from DSA Signage

DSA, a leading innovator in the signage industry, is thrilled to announce its newly remodeled state-of-the-art facility in Rancho Dominguez, CA. This major revamp is a testament to DSA's commitment to innovation and growth, ensuring we continue to offer unparalleled service to our clientele.

Stealing the spotlight in our new facility is a strikingly large custom trapezoid light box, which instantly captivates every onlooker. The vibrant colors and distinctive design of this light box stand as a beacon of our unwavering dedication to innovation, and the theme is a nod to the city of Los Angeles where DSA is located. DSA's commitment to energize workspaces extends to the addition of a new light box in our production shop floor, infusing a wave of vibrancy into the warehouse and a reminder to our production floor of what we value most.

Our revamped offices have been thoughtfully designed to strike a perfect balance between team collaboration and individual concentration. The modern aesthetics intertwined with practicality results in a comfortable and dynamic workspace. Our next office project will feature a large LED wall which promises to be an invaluable resource to demonstrate our digital capabilities to our clients.

We are extremely excited for everyone to experience our new facility. We believe that the modern aesthetics, coupled with functional design, will not just enhance our workspace but also significantly improve the services we provide to our clients.

About DSA Signage

DSA is a company of passionate engineers and expert fabricators who brighten brands and make their content appealing by creating next-generation signage solutions. With more than 50 years of experience partnering with major brands nationwide, DSA produces the most well-made and long-lasting LED illuminated displays and digital signage systems on the market.

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