Icing on the Cake: ATI's Frosted Fusion Collection is the Sweetest Launch of 2019

Press Release from ATI Decorative Laminates

GREENSBORO, N.C., SEPTEMBER 12, 2019 – ATI Decorative Laminates, the leader in innovative laminates surfaces, has worked hard to conceal their latest product development. Now, they are ready to reveal an all-new offering from their popular Fusion line. The  Frosted Fusion Collection  combines 20 new decorative patterns with durable transparent substrates to create the look of frosted glass at an affordable price. 

This collection is the third product launch from ATI in 2019. When asked what prompted the release of Frosted Fusion, Tara Burgio, President of ATI Decorative Laminates, said, “It was all in the timing. After we acquired new technology for our Fusion area, we wanted to take advantage of our investment. The Fusion team came to us with a collection of minimalist designs in white ink, and a lightbulb went off.”

ATI previewed Frosted Fusion at HD Expo in May and received plenty of positive feedback. “We’ve seen a demand for semi-private panels for some time now,” said Vern Combrink, ATI’s Vice President of Sales. “Frosted Fusion was a natural solution.”

The Frosted Fusion Collection comes in 20 designs to suit any taste, with many expansions planned in the future. Nature-inspired motifs like Abstract Flower Frosted and Pine Cones Frosted sit alongside minimalist patterns like Zoom Frosted and intricate designs like Jacquard Frosted. Each design is available on ATI’s translucent Fusion substrates, Acrylic and Polycarbonate, in various thicknesses. 

“No matter how Frosted Fusion is used to divide space, the collection’s visual weightlessness doesn’t divide attention,” said Burgio of the debut. “It truly is the icing on the cake of any room design.”

Customers can learn more about the Frosted Fusion Collection by visiting ATILaminates.com/ati-products/frosted-fusion-collection . Order physical samples of the Frosted Collection online or contact ATI Customer Service at 800.849.1320.

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