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  • APlus LED combination downlight/wallwashers

    How do you create new LED lighting fixtures that deserve the name APlus? Start with Cree’s WhiteLight diffuse dome LED module; it delivers a CRI of 92 with your choice of 3000K, 3500K and 4000K. Design for this hemispherical light source a set of downlight reflectors that provide wide... Read More
  • Color-Tuning LMT Recessed LEDs

    LMTs, our new trio of recessed fixtures with Lumenetix araya broad spectrum LED modules • DL LMT/4 downright • DL LMT/4AA accent light • DLWL LMT/4 wallwasher can all be color tuned in five ways by means of a hand-held remote control: » on/off switching... Read More
  • Color-Tuning LMT Track LEDs

    MidiMax LMTs, our new trio of track fixtures with Lumenetix araya broad spectrum LED modules • MidiMax LMT O accent light with baffle • MidiMax LMT O LH accent light without baffle • MidiMax LMT W wallwasher can all be color tuned in five ways by means of a hand-held... Read More
  • Dim-to-Warm Recessed LED LMDs

    LMDs, our trio of recessed fixtures with Lumenetix araya® Dynamic Dimming LED modules, not only dim to 1%, but dim-to-warm from 3000K to 1800K. • DL LMD/4 downlight • DL LMD/4AA accent light • DLWL LMD/4 wallwasher Spaces that encourage people to relax – hotel... Read More

    Powered by Cree’s WhiteLight flat lens module, the LED CLW product line includes wide-distribution downlights and lensed wallwashers. LED CLW‘s feature a remarkable 92 CRI throughout, with ample choices of color temperature (2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K), light output (850, 1250, 2000, or... Read More
  • Prestina LED Remodelers

    Presto: our ever-growing family of remodelers. Using LED, quartz halogen, metal halide or incandescent sources, Presto’s under-lapping frame has made it the retrofit choice for all types of ceilings. Trim Flush: our sheet rock reflector trim detail for standard recessed fixtures. Using our... Read More
  • Quick Ship Recessed LEDs

    Now available Quick Ship, our recessed, 4" and 5" aperture, downlights and lensed wallwashers are powered by Philips 'Fortimo DLM' LED engines in 1100 lumen or 2000 lumen configurations, in 3000K, 3500K and 4000K colors. LED-FTDs have reflector trims designed to maximize fixture efficacy and... Read More
  • Spredlite LED Wallgrazing System

    LED’s are a superb light source for wall grazing! To prove the point, we offer four new wall grazers: Spredlite LED PV/9 Spredlite LED PV/12 Spredlite LED DL/9 Spredlite LED DL/12 Spredlite LED‘s combine energy efficiency and dimmability, which was never possible with... Read More
  • Xicato-Powered Recessed LEDs

    Think 97 CRI is impossible? Think again. Our XSM LED fixture provides superb color rendering index and extraordinary color consistency. XSM family traits include • 1% dimming standard (for all but the 2000 Artist and 3000 lumen units, for which 10% dimming is standard) • 2700K, 3000K, 3500K... Read More
  • Xicato-Powered Track LEDs

    Our Xicato-powered track mounted fixtures are powered by one of a number of Xicato LED modules. They offer superb color rendering index (up to CRI 97) and extraordinary color consistency. Our extensive offering of Xicato-powered track fixtures includes accent lights and wallwashers, all for use... Read More
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