Tex Visions Unveils the Bowflag® Custom Shape

Press Release from Tex Visions

May 20, 2014 – Carlisle, Pa. – Tex Visions today launched its latest innovation, the Bowflag® Custom Shape, which continues to advance the company’s famous custom banner flag line ahead of the competition.

Featuring a custom contour shape on the flag’s outer edge, the Bowflag® Custom Shape gives a 3D-like appearance that can convey action and motion. The Bowflag® Custom Shape has same high quality as the rest of the Bowflag® line and includes aviation-grade fiberglass poles which make it perfect for displaying outdoors.

The Bowflag® Custom Shape is available in three sizes, ranging from 10.2 feet to 17.7 feet tall. Those interested in the product can visit the Tex Visions website and request a quote.

“This is truly a Bowflag® like no other,” Marcel Ruhland, company CEO, said. “We’ve made significant advancements in our printing and cutting technologies which allow us to offer this revolutionary product. I’m hard pressed to think of another printer that offers a banner flag like the Bowflag® Custom Shape.”

The company began taking orders for the product today. Log onto  www.texvisions.com  and sign up for a free reseller account to request a quote for the Bowflag® Custom Shape.

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