Faux: Where Style, Durability and Affordability Meet

Press Release from Barron Designs, Inc.

Deer Park, NY - According to a Yahoo News article by Ross Kenneth Urken, an increasing number of U.S. consumers are becoming their own Bob Vila. A GfK study conducted for MainStreet.com found that 70% of planned home improvement projects will involve some DIY and/or family and friend elbow grease.

A major factor in the DIY craze – besides the easy availability of online tutorials and videos on sites like Pinterest and YouTube, and a growing number of DIY-themed TV shows – is the lure of major cost savings.

Where style, durability and affordability meet

One Long Island based company is reaping the benefits of the growing DIY sector. The Barron Designs family of online remodeling sources - FauxPanels.com and FauxWoodBeams.com- has seen a 40% increase in the sales of their diverse product lines in the past 12 months.

Several key factors for this result include:

  • a detailed process of simulating real stone, brick and wood – which includes hand-painting the polyurethane “stone”, “brick” and “wood”.
  • the lightweight nature of the product, which eliminates extra design and building costs pertaining to load bearing walls
  • the easy installation process, which eliminates the need for special tools or a mason
  • the number of looks and styles that are available
  • Class A fire rating product options
  • low- to no maintenance
  • indoor / outdoor use
  • weather resistant

“We have the right products for a growing number of home, commercial and business reno

projects.“ Per Steve & Ruth Barron, sibling co-owners of Barron Designs, mo

re and more thrift-conscious as well as upscale remodelers, designers and builders are seeking ways to cut costs without sacrificing style.

While Barron Designs faux panels and faux wood beams have been featured on HGTV, DIY Network and ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition, as well as other popular remodeling TV shows, Steve and Ruth are happy that every day contractors and the average DIY-er are pleased with the results too.

“We get effusive feedback and before and after pictures of a variety of home makeover and other reno projects all the time, says Ruth. Social media has been a terrific testimonial, installation advice and news-sharing tool for us, but the direct positive feedback we get everyday has been truly stellar.

Per Steve Barron, the company is looking forward to expanding their online products and client-centric services further in 2014.

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