GENESIS MANNEQUINS launches UK operations

Press Release from Genesis Mannequins USA



On the night of September 18th London saw the introduction of GENESIS Mannequins to the UK with a fabulous Launch Party.

The worldwide operating mannequin company presented itself to a big audience of customers and showed convincing quality and flexibility in its ranges. Located in the inspiring OUI rooms in downtown London, GENESIS created an inspiring show, specially designed for the UK market. Modern West End Chique met contrasting oriental influences and resulted in an electric combination. Dominating was this year’s trend colour purple, featured in the mannequins as well as in the scenery that was created by UK company Tenn. Metallic effects in chrome and gold provided a glamorous and unique character.
The line-up consisted of 26 mannequins from the newest GENESIS collections. Styled elaborately or left completely unaltered – the mannequins demonstrated impressive versatility. Nicola Skinner, GENESIS representative for the UK explained: „We understand our customers and know they have very unique requirements for their mannequins. So we used different styles to show how flexible and versatile our ranges are.“
The show attracted a wide variety of guests - creative teams from high fashion brands, representatives from the UK’s top department stores and brands, freelancers and design agents. All of them enjoyed a great night in an informal environment and danced together at the After Show Party until the early morning.

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