GENESIS Award for Young Professionals

Press Release from Genesis Mannequins USA

As partner and sponsor of the College for Advertising Design in Stuttgart (FWS) GENESIS MANNEQUINS has been committed to the young professionals in the advertising sector since its establishment.

Amongst other things every year the mannequin producer awards a prize for the best work of the graduates, consisting of an abstract figurine as well as a cash bonus.

This year the award went to a group of four female students whose task had been to develop a marketing and design concept for the Aktivpark FLOMO in Stuttgart. The jury’s justification was that “the female students achieved – with a high degree of sensitivity and empathy – to provide the Aktivpark with a new appearance”. Young, dynamic and unique in logo concept and name, they touched the hearts of their customer and the entire public during the presentation.

After 2 years of theoretical and practical education the graduates leave the college as “state-certified Display Designers” to look for new challenges in the fields of graphic design, trade fair construction, advertising technology or related industries.

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