Verizon Destination Store - Chicago

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Verizon Destination Store - Chicago Verizon Wireless lives up to the name of the Magnificent Mile with its Chicago Destination Store. As part of Verizon’s broader brand redesign initiative, the Destination Store introduces new ways of doing business that make shopping for wireless devices and services easier, more convenient, and more personalized. Designed by longtime design partner Chute Gerdeman, this 20,000 square foot wireless wonderland is packed with the tools and training to integrate technology into any lifestyle. Visitors explore possibilities through interactive displays and signage engineered and integrated by McCann Systems. This technology playground is fully equipped with the digital essentials for streamlining every way of life. Throughout the store are several lifestyle zones to easily locate today’s crucial tech toys. Interactive displays provide a self-guided exploratory experience while digital signage glows from high definition videowalls or large format displays in each zone.

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