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In-Store Experience was recently chosen by P.C. Richard & Son to design and manufacture their smart and connected product category in-store, with an immersive, interactive retail category solution that brings together 32 products across a number of brands.
Recognizing the challenges of merchandising the complex category of Smart / IoT solutions, P.C. Richard & Son turned to In-Store Experience to rethink the shopping experience in-store. The resulting retail experience was designed to get products out of their boxes and educate customers through a compelling interactive experience, demonstrating the total smart home story.
The solution was a unique modular “store-in-store” digital experience, with a warm home-like fixture aesthetic, to invite shoppers in and educate them on the many benefits of smart home products. 32 smart home products are each merchandised next to digital touchscreens, providing detailed product information and benefits, along with dynamic pricing information and customer ratings. The focal point of this environment offers an immersive experience for shoppers by contextually simulating how smart home devices can enrich their lives by saving time, adding convenience or providing more safety and security.
The Smart Home implementation has resulted in an exponential increase in sales, according to P.C. Richard & Son. The program is now rolling out across 50 locations with plans to expand the product assortment and display modules as the category continues to grow.
“We wanted to build something that would attract customers to explore smart solutions,” said Chris Anderson, Founder and CEO, In-Store Experience. “We know people often learn about smart home solutions by experiencing them in someone else’s home, so we brought that experience in-store. It’s warm and inviting and allows customers to experience the benefits in a way you can’t online.”
“We are on a mission to become a market leader in the smart home category” said Steve Miller, Smart Home Category Manager at P.C. Richard & Son. “This immersive shop-in-shop environment is a key step to getting there.”

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