Insight Lighting Introduces DecoLED - A Modern Solution For Lighting Your Medium and Large Open Interior Spaces

Press Release from Insight Lighting

With recent improvements in LED efficacy, we can now exceed the performance of 400W Metal Halide indirect fixtures. Insight DecoLED is the modern solution for lighting your medium and large open interior spaces. The improved efficiency of our fixtures allow for incredible distributions of light, requiring fewer fixtures than ever before to illuminate the building interior. We can now offer the lighting designer a full family of wall mounted luminaires in two sizes, shapes and lumen outputs. It’s time to bring back the luxury in lighting design… Insight DecoLED.

The Deco LED collection of LED luminaires involves two distinctive shapes, the DecoLED Fin and the DecoLED Wedge. DecoLED is also available in two sizes and lumen packages, delivering the highest quality of indirect lighting to your indoor architectural space. The DecoLED 120W is designed for medium high ceilings with superior CRI and R9 values and unparalleled binning consistency from fixture to fixture. DecoLED 300W is a large space performer, delivering over 25,000 lumens of asymmetric lighting performance. The initial DecoLED products are available as dry location fixtures and are 0-10v dimming compatible.

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