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About A Closer Look, Inc.

As medical advances are allowing people to live longer, healthier lives, so are the demands for quality care.

Senior living communities looking to stay ahead of the curve are cementing their futures by investing in mystery shopping and competitive analysis solutions.

These programs allow senior living communities to get to know their prospective customers and competitors on a deeper level — empowering them to make better decisions, such as design upgrades that need to be done within the community or concessions that can be implemented in the sales process to remain competitive. These factors all play into what communities can do to differentiate themselves from their competition.

Collecting customer feedback is the best way to truly understand your current and prospective resident experience.

Two important ways smart senior living leadership teams are staying ahead is by using these solutions to identify missed revenue opportunities at their own properties, as well as receive personalized insights about what competitors are or are not doing to connect with their customers.

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