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A leading tapes and packing materials distributor since 1970.

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About Atlas Worldwide Packaging

Atlas Worldwide Packaging has been recognized as a leading tapes and packing materials distributor since 1970. With a keen eye focused on the safe packaging, handling and delivery of both delicate and tough shipments, our New York-based company has since expanded to also include janitorial supplies, food & safety products and a wide range of tapes and HDPE & LDPE bags including bio-friendly products.

Our clients include, but are not limited to, industrial, retail, manufacturing, food processing, food packaging, bakeries, medical equipment, marketing, arts & antiques and film production companies.

We proudly accommodate projects of all sizes from a small art gallery’s custom order to the efficiency and safety of a massive assembly line. No matter what your needs are, we believe you deserve our same attention to detail to ensure your end results are a success.

Our wide variety of items are centrally housed in a fully-stocked warehouse that partners with several shipping and distribution locations. This allows us to deliver your order in the fastest and most economical manner.

Atlas Worldwide Packaging is available for quick turnarounds as well as very unique order fulfillment. We look forward to learning more about how we may serve and support your business.

Products by Atlas Worldwide Packaging

By Atlas Worldwide Packaging

Tapes We carry a huge variety of tapes in stock and can also produce customized tape in every color and material. Our facility has the capability to die cut, slit, print, laminate, convert, and manufacture a full line of pressure-sensitive tapes useful for any specialty application including... Read more »

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By Atlas Worldwide Packaging

Bags HIGH-DENSITY BAGS & FILM (HDPE) Our high-density polyethylene (HDPE) bags and film are built to protect against the greatest toughness. This product promises up to twice the tear and puncture strength plus a higher chemical resistance than both the low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and linear... Read more »

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By Atlas Worldwide Packaging

Packaging Materials STRETCH WRAP Our machine-stretched and hand-stretched films are cost efficient and designed to expedite wrapping large quantities of products while maintaining the consistency of the palletization process with precision. All films are available in the most common sizes, in both cast and blown... Read more »

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