FOURMI Announces New Telescopic Lifting Bar

Press Release from IMGR America - FOURMI Gondola Movers

After many requests for a “shipping friendly” lifting bar, we are proud to launch FOURMI Telescopic Lifting Bar. It has the same properties as our standard lifting bar but it is only 38” long when retracted.

It is still a 1 piece lifting bar so there’s no risk of losing one end. Another important benefit of the telescopic feature is the ability to easily lift gondolas in narrow aisles.

Our new Telescopic Lifting Bar also comes with 2 heavy duty polyamide wheels with ball bearings for easy handling around the store. No need to drag the bar around and take the risk of damaging the floor, roll it instead!

This new bar comes in a heavy duty case that makes it ideal for shipping it from store to store. It is made from the same ultra-resistant polymer as our FOURMI cases and also 100% recyclable. The bar and its shipping case only weigh 21 lbs. so you can even take it along for your flight as checked luggage.


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