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Products by Acrylic Design Associates

  • Recrylic®

    Recrylic® is a revolutionary new product line of recycled acrylic, offered in a full spectrum of colors, thicknesses and finishes. As the world's first and only certified recycled acrylic, Recrylic helps its users to meet and exceed sustainability goals. With a closed-loop recycling process,... Read More
  • Fixtures + Displays

    Acrylic Design Associates is the recognized leader at creating innovative, sustainable fixture and display solutions. You'll see our work for some of the world's best-known brands across the continent and around the globe. Read More
  • Retail Displays

    We work with your concept to develop a tailored, integrated retail fixturing and merchandising program. Our award-winning designers create solutions that help elevate your brand while showcasing your products. Our state-of-the art facility and on-site resources let us manage large-scale... Read More

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