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By Display Fixture Warehouse

A-Frame Tri-Level Veneer - Top: 17"D X 51"W 2nd: 25"D X 51"W 3rd: 33"D X 51"W Read more »

By Innovative Marketing Solutions

Plan-o-gramming, space management support, and floor planning. Competitive hourly rates for expert graphic design, final art preparation, and on-site press review. Interactive 3D models and animation that elevate and validate retail concepts for our client's internal stakeholders. Read more »

By Laminart

The abundant fruit from the lush, tropical plantations of Central and South America have inspired a fresh, new vision of surfacing materials from Lamin-Art. Abacá is a naturally distinctive, uniquely dimensional decorative surface manufactured using recycled banana fibers. Named for a species... Read more »

By Zing Display

Abstract Females in various poses and colors. Read more »

By Hans Boodt Mannequins

The abstract Smart female mannequins represent the young professional late twenties early thirties. These female mannequins are created according to our new slender line in order to better fit slim size. If you are searching for an up-to-date mannequin who will appeal to a large audience, a... Read more »

By Greneker

Most bodies within our catalog have the option of using realistic or abstract heads. An assortment of styles to choose from (including headless) offer maximum versatility to suit your vision. Featured Mannequins: Contempo Read more »

By Rootstein Display Mannequins

We also provide beautiful and sleek mannequins with, of course, our Rootstein touch. With flawless lines head to toe our abstract mannequins are exactly what you will need when it comes to abstract. We also specialize in stylised abstract for an interesting twist on the normal. Provided is a... Read more »

By Consort Display Group

Abstracta’s home furniture selection lets you add a touch of simple elegance with stock display units, cube and nestled tables, and our special selection of Mya® personal tables. Our personal tables are just right to fill a small space that inevitably turns up as you arrange furniture. A Mya... Read more »

By Consort Display Group

Abstracta is a modular display and furniture system that draws its beauty from its simplicity, and its hidden strength from its American-made steel tubes and metal-alloy, die-cast connectors. Abstracta possesses a classic look and renowned versatility, yet offers a surprising affordability for... Read more »

By Welch Sign

The Acadia line offers dark grey copy on crisp white acrylic with a colored accent piece. 8" x 7" Read more »

By Rulon International

Beams are a timeless element of architectural design. Rulon’s Accent Beams compliment a variety of wood ceiling styles. They are light weight and easily installed, not requiring heavy structural support framing. The specifier has a wide range of design choices. Accent Beams can be made in flat,... Read more »

By Better Life Technology

Seaming Products Create a like-permanent bond between BILD and the subfloor with our adhesive tape. The glass cloth tape is perfect for creating a seamless look between multiple sheets of roll out flooring. This waterproof tape will further protect your floors by offering a barrier from any... Read more »

By Fermos Mfg. Inc.

With cascade arms, and adjustable height Dimensions 16" x 24"H Item # A0001 Read more »

By Greneker

Direct from our catalog or customized, we offer a myriad of accessory display options. From painted fiberglass and urethane, to polished resin and upholstered fabric forms. Featured: Flair Forms Read more »

By Wilson Display Limited

Wilson Display’s accessory unit provides retailers with a multitude of possibilities for merchandising. The slatwall backing allows for small items, such as hats and socks to be displayed on hooks, along with the larger items placed on typical shelving. Available on 2’ centres with the option... Read more »

By Richter acoustik & design

Richter r- Acoustic-Lightboard microperf wood wall and ceiling panels - Acoustic-Lightboard wall and ceiling cladding in real wood veneer or HPL (high pressure laminates) - AcousticCompact linear microperforated sound absorbent wood wall panels - Architectural microperforated baffles in real... Read more »

By Ceilume

Height\t23.875 in. Width\t23.875 in. Area\t4 sq. ft. (nominal) Features\tRecess 3.90 in. from tile face Collection\tFeather-Light Thickness\t0.013 in. Weight\t6.4 oz. (0.10 lb. per sq. ft.) Material\tTransluminous rigid vinyl Color\tFrosted Finish\tSatin Read more »

By Acrilex , Inc.

Designed to reproduce look patterned glass, Acriglas® Clear Impressions series has crystal clarity and can be made with textures on one or both sides of sheet. Textures included are Brushed, Woven Silk, Mesozoic, Precambrian, Box Mini-Flute, Waffle Iron, Techno, and Morning Dew. Offered in... Read more »

By Acrilex , Inc.

By blending the talents of our manufacturing facility along with talents of our acrylic vendors, Acrilex Introduces a new line of laminated sheet products which essentially fuses standard materials together In a virtually unlimited array of combinations! Read more »

By Acrilex , Inc.

With a range of dazzling, shimmering showcase colors, and more subtle hints of sparkle to suit your tastes, Acriglas Glitter Acrylic sheets can be customized to suit your design requirements. Be tame or be's entirely up to you! Read more »

By Acrilex , Inc.

Acriglas Metallics are now available in even more finishes, further expanding your ability to capture the beauty of metal in a form that is much easier to deliver. With finish options such as brushed, hammered, matte, and more, design flexibility comes of age in this exciting material. Read more »

By Acrilex , Inc.

With an eye on natural materials, and an emphasis on greener choices which look as good as they perform; Acriglas® Minerals Cast Acrylic sheets utilize up to 20% genuine Muscovite Mica Flakes. This naturally occurring mineral is considered a "scrap" material in it's raw form, but when... Read more »

By Acrilex , Inc.

Glow in the dark acrylic emits safe passage illumination. Suited for safety, and security lighting applications and use with CCD video surveillance cameras, Acriglo® glow-in-the-dark acrylic provides 1½ - 2 hr of illumination without back-up power source during loss of electricity. It charges... Read more »

By AMKO Displays LLC.

Acrylic displays are versatile in its usages, such as jewelry, displayers, literature sign holders, easels, risers, cell phone holders and shoe displays. Create your own glass displays with our tempered glass shelves, connectors & bases. Visit our site or call our customer service agents today! Read more »

By Blouin Displays

Blouin Displays has specialized in the design and manufacture of stock, custom plastics and acrylic solutions since 2002. A full team of designers and craftsman combines over 30 years of experience and innovative professionals to design, detail, customize and manufacture the concepts that... Read more »

By MisterPlexi

Acrylic Compartment Bins/Trays

Clear Acrylic Multiple Compartment Bins / Trays for use on Slatwall. These versatile units can be used to hold many different smaller sized products such as Candy, Cosmetics, Hari Accessories, Beads, Cell Phone Accessories, etc.. Our Slatwall Compartment Bins are hand manufactured from sturdy... Read more »

Product Website

By MisterPlexi

Acrylic Cubes

Clear Acrylic 5-Sided Plexi Display Cubes can be used as a riser or a bin. Available in many sizes in 1/8", 3/16", and 1/4" thickness. These versatile acrylic display cubes are sturdy and ready to make an IMPACT on your promotion! Read more »

Product Website

By MisterPlexi

Acrylic Display Case

MisterPlexi offers several different styles and sizes of Clear Acrylic Display with Bases to Display your Treasured Collectables, Prized Trophies, Awards or even for Showcasing a Product for a Tradeshow! Read more »

Product Website

By Millennium Signs & Display Inc.

Millennium Signs & Display utilizes its 60,000 square foot production facilities including a high-tech CAD/CAM manufacturing system for producing a range of retail display products including acrylic fixtures. The company's production facilities provide capacity to handle huge, elaborately... Read more »

By Melvin S. Roos & Co., Inc.

Melvin S. Roos & Co., Inc. has wide selection of acrylic display risers, plexi display risers and plastic display risers for featuring shoes, handbags and accessories. Call or click today to find the plastic display risers or acrylic display risers to feature your product. Read more »

By Zhangjiagang VR Display Co.,ltd

Acrylic fixtures from VR Display include its line of acrylic display stands, POP displays and custom-designed acrylic retail fixtures. Click on the 'click for phone' or 'send an email' links to contact VR Display to learn more about its acrylic fixtures and display stands. Read more »

By Display It LLC

Sparkling Acrylic displays are ideal to showcase and organize your products for more sales. Whether you need jewelry forms, eyewear and shoe displayers,locking or open cases, slatwall shelves or accessories, literature holders, risers, blocks or bases we have something to fit your merchandising... Read more »

By InStore Design Display

InStore Design Display (IDD) supplies a range of acrylic displays including: ballot boxes; brochure and literature holders; business card holders; cell phone holders; easels; eyeglass/sunglass displays; locking display cases; tiered riser displays; bottom- and top-load sign holders; slantback... Read more »

By AVS Signage and Visuals

AVS specialize in custom clear and colored acrylic showcases, acrylic display cases, store displays, boxes, acrylic vitrine, risers and enclosures for museums, art galleries and retail stores. Read more »

By Vista Visual Group

Acrylic displays & fixtures provide a cost effective way to display your products in an elegant layout. Vista Visual Group produces quality custom acrylic displays and fixtures. Our acrylic displays include everything from shoe displays, clothing apparel displays, cosmetics displays, jewelry... Read more »

By Melvin S. Roos & Co., Inc.

Melvin S. Roos & Co., Inc. has wide selection of clear plexi display cubes, clear acrylic display cubes & clear acrylic display risers for displaying shoes, handbags and accessories. Check out our large selection! Read more »

By Visual Citi Inc.

Visual Citi designs and manufactures a range of acrylic displays and fixtures. Click on the 'click for phone' or 'send an email' link to contact the company to learn more about its acrylic display and fixture products. Read more »

By MisterPlexi

Acrylic Easels

MisterPlexi offers several styles and sizes of acrylic easels that are suitable for products, books, boxed goods, electronics, cell phones, etc. Read more »

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By Ennco Display Systems

Acrylic fixtures and displays from Ennco Display Systems for eyewear include: wall displays like acrylic ice cubes and wall panels; wallboard acrylic rods and frosted panels; Hot Rod displays; Cool Rod displays; acrylic locks for metal rods; small acrylic signs; rotating triplex displays; icy... Read more »

By Fixturecraft Corp.

Our acrylic risers come in a range of heights and sizes – perfect for displaying your products when you need them to stand above the crowd. Model 1088 – Set of three clear acrylic fabricated risers 4.75" W x 2.5" H x 4" D 6.5" W x 3.5" H x 4" D 7.5" W x 4.5" H x 4" D Read more »

By Miller Zell

Miller Zell uses acrylic material to fabricate both stand-alone acrylic fixtures and displays, as well as complete furniture and fixture packages that incorporate additional materials like metal and wood for total store environments. It also works with MZ Digital Media to produce kiosks,... Read more »

By Displays by Jack

Acrylic fixtures from Displays by Jack include shoe displays & risers, card holders, tie & belt displays, easels; gridwall accessories, sign holders, slatwall accessories, jewelry trays, and ballot boxes and more. Read more »

By Omni-Power Co., Ltd

Acrylic fixtures from Displays by Jack include shoe displays & risers, card holders, tie & belt displays, easels, gridwall accessories, sign holders, slatwall accessories, jewelry trays, and ballot boxes and more. Read more »

By Display Fixture Warehouse

Display Fixture Warehouse sells acrylic fixtures such as: Slatwall Acrylic T-shirt displays measuring 11.5" x 14.5" with white acrylic inserts; shoe bench (30"L x 14.5"W x 19"H) with black padded seat and two acrylic mirrors; and, clear acrylic inserts from 14"W x 22"H x 1mm to 22"W x 28"H x 1mm. Read more »

By Concord Store Fixture Group

Acrylic Fixtures

Concord Store Fixture Group has the ability to incorporate acrylic into any of its fixture designs as the main material or as an accent. From display tables to check-out counters and everything in between, Concord can provide anything from custom to high-volume acrylic fixture production for... Read more »

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By JPMA Global, Inc.

JPMA manufacturers custom wood and metal store fixtures, and can also utilize acrylic and other materials according to client specifications. Click on the 'click for phone' or 'send an email' links to inquire about JMPA's acrylic fixture design and manufacturing capabilities. Read more »

By Modern Space Asia

Modern Space Asia is a global provider of high quality store fixtures, including acrylic fixtures, and offers full-service facilities and warehouses with capabilities spanning wood, metal, plastic, acrylic, paint, powder coating, high-gloss finishes and more. The company has expertise in... Read more »

By Lux Design & Construction Ltd

Click on the 'click for phone' or 'send an email' link to inquire about Lux Design & Construction's acrylic fixture design and manufacturing capabilities. Read more »