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The nail bar island utilizes Wood, Metal and Lighting to deliver an elegant fixture that show cases multiple brands of nail polish in one location. -The nail bar is a freestanding fixture and can be placed to suit the needs of the customer. -The utilization of LED lit headers and end caps... Read more »

By Imprint Plus

NamePrint Graphics software is an integral part of the reusable name badge system. Many times when we introduce our reusable badges, people don’t understand that it is in fact a software-based system. Our software is what allows for quick printing of names and graphics on our insert sheets, so... Read more »

By Surplus Equipment Company /

•7" locking external drawer •Two 1.5" sliding internal trays •Four dividers per tray •Dividers adjust on 1" centers •Right-hand hinged door with lock •10.5" clear space at bottom of unit •Welded steel construction •White body, charcoal base •Dimensions are 24" X 24" X 38" Read more »

By BKA Architects

Ambitious growth plans need the support of architectural and interior design partners. BKA Architects has extensive experience supporting retail and restaurant concepts with their fast-paced growth plans – serving as a national and regional architect for many well-known brands. • Prototype... Read more »

By Wilson Display Limited

Wilson Display’s ability to handle nation-wide distributions is illustrated here with a 300 store footwear department rollout to a major Canadian Retailer. This shoe gondola comes in a variety of dimensions and can be accented with LED, high efficiency lighting. There is also an array of... Read more »


Nasco stocks over 100 different natural marble mosaics, 3x6 subway tile, chair rails and moldings in various colors and designs Read more »

By LSI Floors

The look of natural wood with textured emboss surface that matches the wood grain pattern. The contrast of the knots and fine lines of the growth rings create a unique natural effect. Read more »

By TerraMai Reclaimed Woods

TerraMai's Naturally Distressed Long Plank Teak Flooring & Paneling is reclaimed from vintage structures in Southeast Asia and delivered in exceptionally long lengths (6' - 12'). Material has an authentic, aged patina. Also available surfaced smooth for a more classic look. Shown here in... Read more »

By Superior Studio Specialities

Offerings include: various nautical banners, seashells, mussels on a string, seagulls, lighhouses, palm trees, tropical foliage, clams, shell curtains, shell garland, lobsters, crab, cork floats, pier pilings, fishing nets, cedar pier, rope ladder, braided rope, colored fish nets, natural wood... Read more »

By OMNOVA Solutions, Inc.

The exciting portfolio of Nautolex products includes interior and exterior upholstery, flooring, topping and trim components – everything you need to cover boats from stem to stern and top to bottom. In fact, many Nautolex products offer the added protection of our high performance PreFixx®... Read more »

By Jewelry Display Inc.

This our navy blue leatherette display page. These blue leatherette displays are one of our highest quality leatherette product lines. We cary blue leatherette necklace displays, ring displays, earring displays, bracelet displays, earring displays blue display sets, pendant displays and more!... Read more »

By FormWood Industries Inc.

NBL® laminates provide the custom woodworker with superior flexibility and performance when compared to other wood-backed products. NBL®’s patented 3-ply construction produces an extremely pliable, moisture-resistant sheet without the black edge associated with phenolic and foil backers. Minor... Read more »


The 32” NEC E322 second-generation, commercial-grade large-screen LCD display offers value-driven digital signage capabilities with impressive professional screen performance. Featuring RS-232C control, this display makes professional display management easy, and an upgraded B-DID panel enables... Read more »


Operating digital signage has never been easier than with the 46" NEC X461S. This super-slim. full HD LCD display offers LED backlighting technology to deliver high-quality imagery at a lower power consumption than its peers. The industry's first standardized input, the Open Pluggable... Read more »


Display your messaging in superior full HD with the 55" NEC P551, a professional-grade LCD display ideal for even the most demanding digital signage applications. Boasting an industrial-strength design, 120 Hz refresh rate for amazingly crisp image and text views, the broadest connectivity,... Read more »


NEC’s V551-AVT large-screen LCD display is ideal for corporate lobbies, conference rooms, quick-service restaurants and small-to-medium businesses. This model offers full HD resolution and a built-in expansion slot that allows for seamless integration of NEC accessories, third-party components... Read more »


The 55” NEC X551UN takes your customers’ LCD video walls to new levels of impact. This professional-grade large-screen display is designed for the rigors of 24/7 operation while introducing new levels of impact to your facility. Advanced technologies of this model include direct LED backlighting... Read more »


Enhance your image in a big way with the 82” NEC LCD8205, a professional-grade display that delivers big-screen perfor­mance and capabilities for your corporate and digital signage applications. Its sheer size (land­scape orientation provides an active screen area of almost six feet in width and... Read more »


While one of the main benefits of the NEC content management software (CMS) is its simplification of managing a digital signage network, NEC realizes that not everyone has the resources or time available to dedicate to this undertaking. With this in mind, we offer content management services... Read more »

By Real Digital Media

The NEOCAST® Media Player K2 is the latest high powered fanless digital signage media player from Real Digital Media. Designed to store and play digital signage promotions and corporate communications, the product offers extreme reliability, hours of content storage and supports a variety of... Read more »

By Real Digital Media

The NEOCAST® Media Player Z is the high definition digital signage media player from Real Digital Media. Designed to store and play digital signage promotions and corporate communications, the product offers extreme reliability, hours of content storage and supports a variety of video, graphical... Read more »

By Real Digital Media

Centrally managed and web-based, the NEOCAST® Media Server is a software solution designed to power large scale digital signage networks. This digital signage software supports both the Software as a Service (SaaS) and Enterprise delivery models, and incorporates the key constructs of campaigns,... Read more »

By Master Magnetics, Inc.

Small, strong and self-adhesive, these neodymium magnets (also known as rare earth magnets), provide unique solutions and distinctive finishing to a variety of packaging and displays. Available in four sizes ranging from .25” to .75”, neodymium discs with adhesive can be used magnet to magnet... Read more »

By Vista Visual Group

Vista Visual Group fabricates custom neon signs and other illuminated signage for both indoor and outdoor applications. Also available: Channel Letters | Face-Lit Reverse Channel Letters | Halo-Lit Box Signs | Face-Lit Dimensional 'Push-Thru' Letters Box Signs | Face-Lit Flat... Read more »

By Allegheny Store Fixtures

In addition to custom wood & metal fixtures, Allegheny offers the following services: prototyping, roll-outs, design assistance, site surveys, value engineering, installation; warehousing, and overseas sourcing. Read more »

By Fermos Mfg. Inc.

Dimensions 36" x 70" x 36" Item # T0001 Read more »

By Diversified Media Group

DMG can effectively manage and monitor all of your infrastructure data using an SNMP interface. From one location in Kenilworth, NJ, our technically advanced Network Operations Center (NOC), we deliver 24/7, proactive monitoring. Our Technical Network Team is ready to meet your needs with remote... Read more »

By Pro-Motion Technology Group (PTG)

Superior performance network and product solutions are designed by Pro-Motion’s expert design and engineering teams, utilizing their knowledge of systems integration, product selection, technological advances and fixture enhancements. This expertise enables us to identify the correct solution... Read more »

By Outwater Industries, Inc.

Recognized for being able to practically vanish within the décor of any environment, Outwater’s innovative, versatile and highly flexible Ribbon Flex Lighting comprises a diminutive, almost nonexistent profile, enabling it to be easily installed in virtually any type of “hard to light”... Read more »

By MasonWays Indestructible Plastics, LLC

Allergy awareness has become very important in the food preparation industry. The most effective way to prevent cross contamination during food preparation is to use separate prep areas and utensils for non-allergen foods; creating a “safe space” in which your kitchen team can feel confident... Read more »

By NK Newlook Inc.

Intricate lines and patterns in this collection of jewelry armoires and display cases embody the French Quarter’s liveliness. Improvise, mix and match a showcase in one corner, a wall unit on another, and create a singular store design. Read more »


Bringing your new store to the marketplace can be a big challenge in today’s retail environment, but NFI is here to make sure your opening is a success both today and well into the future. Whether it’s a rollout of new stores for an existing brand or the first store for a brand new company, we... Read more »

By Tozzophoto

Take photos of yourself while visiting New York City! Tozzophoto offers photo walk-abouts where you can have photographs taken of yourself while visiting New York City. We’ll explore the most popular attractions near where you are staying. The photos we take will be artistic works of... Read more »

By NK Newlook Inc.

Capturing the pulsing beat of New York’s leading city, these retail displays accommodate a range of store design tastes: from a modern touch to a traditional sensibility. Notably, the wall units have a distinctive molding that frames each piece. Read more »

By Newform Display

Newform Basic Male Headless Mannequin Read more »

By CP Lighting

The newGROWTH series of custom chandeliers are made from post-consumer scrap aluminum pipe. Each fixture is made to order to our customers specifications and n two fixtures are ever the same. The image hear shows a newGROWTH chandelier supported by a single wire rope. Read more »

By Newood Display Fixture Manufacturing Co.

NEWOOD's line of mobile floor displays feature high strength concealed channels that support heavy merchandise. While concealed channel systems are not new to the industry, NEWOOD's system is unique: we don't require a minimum order, and customers can choose any laminate, melamine or wood veneer... Read more »

By Newood Display Fixture Manufacturing Co.

Fixture buyers looking for Lundia Shelving, look no further! NEWOOD's NEWSelect Shelving is 100% compatible with Lundia backroom shelving. NEWOOD not only offers a pine shelf, but we also offer a 7/8” thick solid hemlock shelf, which allows up to a 6' wide length. NEWSelect stockroom shelving is... Read more »

By R. WIREworks, LLC

Feature your latest broadsheet newspapers in this mobile newspaper rack. Holding 6 stacks with two feature pockets this newspaper rack gets all your daily papers in one location. Or what about Sunday! Sunday!! Roll this out for your big day and watch the sales increase. The ideal racking... Read more »

By Nashville Display

Newspaper, Magazine and Brochure

Spinner, countertop, waterfall, tiered—Nashville Display offers durable, cost-effective options for displaying magazines, newspapers, postcards, books, and beyond. Read more »

Product Website

By Digilock

With a motorized deadbolt, Next Lock Cue© can be set to function for either shared or assigned use applications allowing facility managers to change how the lockers operate without having to change the lock. Product is available in a code or key managed model. Read more »

By Digilock

NextLock keypad locks function by entry of a 4-digit code while radio frequency identification (RFID) locks function by presenting a valid RFID Card. The lock interface also contains a key slot to operate the locks with either an electronic Manager Key or an Accessibility User Key. Read more »

By Digilock

The NextLock mechanical products include a padlock hasp as an entry-level solution which allows users to bring their own padlock, as well as a mechanical key operated camlock and a shared use dial combo lock. Read more »

By Digilock

NextLock SOLA© offers a simplified security solution delivering ease-of-use, durability, and functionality. Programmed for either assigned or shared use access in a code or key managed model. Read more »

By Lavi Industries

NeXtrac Store Fixtures

Capitalize on your customer's attention to trigger impulse buys with NeXtrac store fixtures. A customer in your checkout queue is a captive audience: you have their time, their attention, and (soon), their wallet. There’s no better time to offer a series of impulse purchases—and capitalize on... Read more »

Product Website

By Birchwood Lighting

3.25" square profile linear fixture with precision-edged extruded acrylic lens. Lens snaps-in for exact fit, and effortless removal when changing out lamps. Available in 2', 3', 4', 6' and 8' nominal lengths and continuous run lengths. Available in LED, T5, T5HO, T8 or T5/T5HO seamless lamps. Read more »

By Outwater Industries, Inc.

If you liked fragile, inefficient Glass Neon Tube Lighting, which has been readily embraced and employed for decades by numerous industries in a variety of highly disparate lighting applications, Outwater’s new generation of Non-Neon Flexible LED Lighting will really serve to open your eyes!... Read more »