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Products by Pipp Mobile Storage Systems, Inc.

  • Manual Compacting Mobile Storage System

    Manual Compacting Mobile Storage System eliminates unnecessary aisles between each unit increasing storage capacity by as much as 80% and also increases floor space by as much as 50% at 1/3 the cost! This system is available in both standard and heavy duty. The standard duty system is best used... Read More
  • Mechanical-Assist Mobile Storage System

    Mechanical-Assist Mobile Storage System incorporates a drive shaft which runs the entire length of the carriage to assure smooth, responsive carriage movement, eliminating “lag time” or “sway”. Its 16:1 gear ratio drive allows access to be a virtually effortless with a simply turn of the... Read More
  • Electrical Compacting Mobile Storage System

    Electrical Compacting Mobile Storage System’s modular design requires minimal on-site mechanical assembly. Electrically, the majority of the wiring is completed at the factory; only 7 electrical connections are required per carriage during installation. One 20 amp circuit can run 5 carriages.... Read More