Products in the design:retail Buyers' Guide

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By WW Pedestals

From simple basic platforms to comples shapes with integrated lighting, WW Displays translate your design concepts into retail fixtures that work. This riser design is the property of Crate & Barrel and is not available for sale through WW Displays. Read more »

By Material Promotions, Inc.

A naked chair at an upscale event like wedding, party, seminar, is a no-no and will bring down the entire decoration set up. If you are looking for elegance and class, look no further than our chair skirts. They can be custom made to match your decoration style and make your event even more... Read more »

By Altuglas International Arkema Group

We offer a variety of resins including: - Plexiglas® V Grade exceptional clarity & resistance to UV light degradation and discoloration - Plexiglas® Impact modified toughness, heat resistance and processability - Plexiglas® Frosted minimize visual defects... Read more »

By Altuglas International Arkema Group

Plexiglas® V-grade acrylic resins afford exceptional optical clarity and resistance to UV light degradation and discoloration making them the industry standard for applications where outdoor and indoor weatherability is paramount. The resins are characterized by superior thermal stability,... Read more »

By iLight Technologies, Inc.

The award-winning Plexineon Color Series offers seven vibrant colors that are sure to add a dash of visual interest to any design. From the cool and calming blue to the rich, warm glow of amber, each color can dramatically change the ambiance of a design, space, or image. With its slender,... Read more »

By iLight Technologies, Inc.

iLight introduces an entirely new way to deliver white light providing unsurpassed even illumination for indirect and direct view applications. No more challenges from complex RGB (a combination of red, green, blue LEDs) technology. No more heat issues or color consistency problems using white... Read more »

By optima design

PMB metal produces commercial & retail metal products. Specializing in custom metal display fixtures, custom furniture and various other metal products. We maintain a professional and experienced team of craftsmen that manufacture the highest quality products. We are proud to be the latest... Read more »

By Consort Display Group

Built originally for use in busy restaurants, Podia is made of strong polycarbonate. It is a unique two-sided sign holder that is perfect for showing menu specials and getting your message out in any area. Even better, you are able to create and print your own inserts on a standard 8.5″ x 11″... Read more »

By Material Promotions, Inc.

Leave a deep impression on the audience with podium flags. Made from attractive yet durable polyester satin and available in many sizes, besides, they are portable and easy to use. They are also wonderful for permanent use as lectern banners in churches and educational environments. Read more »

By InnoMark Communications

Our in-house temporary display facility is home to our Creative Services Department, as well as our fabrication, assembly, and kit packing operations. This facility works with a variety of short-term display materials, including corrugated, foam board, solid bleached sulfate board (SBS), and... Read more »


Designers and manufacturers of custom point of purchase displays. Working in wood, Acrylic metal and corrugated. Processes include injection molding, vacuum forming, C&C, spot and mig welding with in house powder coating. we can also provide fulfillment and drop shipping. We do everything... Read more »

By Millennium Signs & Display Inc.

Millennium Signs & Display, Inc. is the premier provider of In-store marketing services for the world's leading retailers and brand manufacturers. MSD offers integrated, customer-centered approach is designed to satisfy client demand for exceptional merchandising solutions. We offer a total... Read more »

By WL Concepts & Production, Inc

POP Displays POP Displays Built to Suit You WL Concepts is a leading provider of point of sale displays. As manufacturers, we create and build customs displays to meet you and your customers needs. Our seasoned team of designers and extensive experience give us a advantage over our... Read more »

By Specialty Store Services

Are you tired of being ignored by the big guys? Our family owned and operated business wants your business and our expert project managers want to talk to you about your next project. We deliver high quality point of purchase displays on time and on budget to your exact specifications. Need some... Read more »

By Northern Metal Products

Northern Metal Products' offers a full range of metal fixture solutions, including: cash wraps; permanent wallmount fixtures; benches, nesting tables and counter tops; tabletop product showcases; permanent POP displays; floor standings; spinners; sign holders; hooks and shelves; literature... Read more »

By Prime Retail Services, Inc.

Prime-net is a full-service, turn-key technology integrator, located in Flowery Branch, GA. We have been providing technology deployment solutions nationwide since 2005, working with clients of any scale on their low voltage integration and networking projects. We specialize in network design... Read more »

By Marktech Optoelectronics

The Marktech Point Source Emitter series incorporates a specially designed LED die and aperture window to create a precise, unobstructed light output pattern. The key design feature of the Point Source LED die is a wire bond which attaches next to the emission window as opposed to the center of... Read more »

By SPC Display Group a Division of Sam Pievac Company

The Sam Pievac Company often works directly with consumer brand marketers looking for custom solutions to merchandising display challenges. Whether you bring us your drawings, or invite us to use our in-house designers to present new ideas, SPC can help you present your merchandise in the most... Read more »

By Pacific Panel Products

Creating the right P.O.P. display for your product is an important tool in effectively advertising and selling your product. Whether it is one single display or a nationwide rollout, let our experienced staff design a custom and innovative display that will make your product pop and push your... Read more »

By ZoN Retail Environments

Point-of-purchase (POP) displays are a retailer or brand marketers tool to create an experience for consumers to connect, engage, and convert within a retail environment. POP displays can create opportunities to build brand awareness, generate excitement for a brand or product, share knowledge... Read more »

By Robelan Display

Robelan Display Inc. has been an industry leader in retail fixturing for generations. Our exclusive Polarity line is a retail industry standard. Our collections include wall systems, gondolas and tables in standard finishes. Robelan offers full customization in finishes and styles in... Read more »

By Infinite Storage Solutions, Inc.

Design attractive, adjustable and strong wall units, computer workstations, shelving and closets using ISS Compression Poles. The poles extend from floor to ceiling held in place with spring tension. No permanent attachment to the wall, floor or ceiling is required. Cabinets are attached to the... Read more »


Poly/cotton Twill – medium weight in 18 colors ‘Carolyn’ – medium weight suede in 16 colors Read more »


No matter what sumptuous outdoor feast you may be preparing for your guests, our Long Island Dining Chair will make it a little bit more appetizing. Although it's crafted for beauty, comfort, and durability, it could probably make it on looks alone, because, well, just look at it! But this chair... Read more »


Your deck will be ship shape with our attractive Nautical Bench. It's constructed from Polywood, to look as dazzling as authentic wood, without being susceptible to warping or decaying. Perfect for your porch, patio, deck, or gazebo, you can use this Bench by itself, or create a stunning outdoor... Read more »


Our Wilmington Dining Set is exquisitely designed to fit any occasion, whether casual or formal. Available in your choice of a variety of colors, it will look spectacular in a commercial dining area. With its construction from maintenance-free Polywood, it will retain its beauty for decades,... Read more »

By Island Living

Solid teak, custom-designed poolside furniture from Island Living includes: Honolulu chaise lounges, lounge chairs, coffee tables, platform beds and sofas; Waikiki double and single sunbeds; Haliewa sunbeds; Kaneohe sunbeds; Aiea sunbeds; Hilo benches and sunbeds; Hawi sunbeds; Wailua chairs,... Read more »

By KDM P.O.P. Solutions Group

POP & Merchandising Displays

KDM P.O.P. Solutions Group can design, engineer and manufacture custom in-store merchandising and point-of-purchase displays to showcase your products in any retail setting. It is our business to identify your unique needs and challenges and create the precise solution for your product. Our... Read more »

Product Website

By The Vomela Companies

Year after year, the nation’s largest brands rely on The Vomela Companies to produce and ship thousands of cost-effective POP campaigns and promotional materials. On time, every time. They also look to us to keep them informed of what’s next and what’s trending in the marketplace. Because to be... Read more »

By KSF Global Ltd

For the Brands, attractive and effective POP are crucial to communicate with the shoppers and gain advantages over the competitors, as a result, convert the shoppers to your customers. KSF develops and supplies standard and bespoke POP solutions (CTU, FSDU, Window Display, Pop-up store,... Read more »

By WL Concepts & Production, Inc

Designed to attract the consumer and motivate the purchase decision in the retail environment, POP (Point of Purchase) signage and displays can be as creative and dramatic as the one we created for Timberland, or as simple as a wire potato chip holder. We can provide custom displays and point... Read more »

By Better Life Technology

Wherever you have a surface commonly used by customers or contacts, use BILD™ Print Media to create opportunity. BILD™ Print Media has the capabilities of covering nearly any surface no matter the shape, size or location. Imagine the possibilities: -Retail point of sale options -POP... Read more »

By Maine Bucket Company

Enhance the browsing and shopping experience with wooden liquor presentations from The Maine Bucket Company. Using wooden liquor displays increases consumer purchase by evoking warmth and richness. Only wood can create the wine cellar feel, enticing a customer’s taste buds as they stroll the aisles. Read more »

By Merchants International, Inc.

POP Display Manufacturer Merchants International as a POP display manufacturer has industrial designers that will work with you to create the perfect POP display solution. Whether you are looking to increase impulse purchases or raise brand awareness, we can develop a POP display solution that... Read more »

By Sunbelt Displays

POP Display Products at Competitive Prices for Businesses in Alabama, North Carolina, Rhode Island and Beyond For more than 30 years, Sunbelt Displays has worked closely with POP display companies and fixture manufacturers from Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, and across the country to help... Read more »

By Visual Citi Inc.

Countertop signs, fixtures and POP displays Read more »

By TPH Global Solutions

TPH Global Solutions® designs and produces a wide range of POP displays that meet your needs and the needs of your customers. Whether you are looking to create an entire merchandising program, a seasonal promotion, or a display for a single product – we have the experience and resources to help.... Read more »

By ArtGuild

We offer breakthrough retail program design, production and management and a proprietary, systematic approach that reinvents the shopping process, helps speed programs to market, and drives down inventory, waste and cost. Read more »

By M&E Components, Inc.

M&E offers complete services in all aspects of point of purchase (POP) displays and store fixtures, including engineering and design, prototyping and production, assembly, warehousing and fulfillment. With years of experience and creativity, the company's design engineers can produce and/or... Read more »

By M&E Components, Inc.

M&E Components is a full service custom manufacturer, specializing in metal, plastics and wood. M&E offers complete services in all aspects of point-of-purchase (POP) displays store fixture. Its custom wood fixture capabilities include everything from engineering to design, prototyping to... Read more »

By Blouin Displays

Blouin Displays has over 30 years experience in the design, print, and manufacture of point of purchase displays, signage and fixtures. We can help design to suit the retail and purchasing environment your newest campaign requires. Our dedicated staff of craftsman can help you take your latest... Read more »

By Vista Visual Group

Vista Visual Group's in-store marketing and POP display capabilities include custom-fabricated floorstands, kiosks, and fixtures for stores, showrooms, tradeshows, hotels and exhibitions. Our POP displays and floorstands are designed and fabricated with the utmost of care. A point-of-purchase... Read more »

By Tex Visions

Displaying your message has never been so quick and easy. The uniquely designed Pop Outs are highly visible and attract attention in both indoor and outdoor marketing applications. Pop Outs are a quality alternative to traditional signs and will bring a modern look to any campaign. Your... Read more »

By Orora Visual

Whether you are launching a national campaign roll-out or a localized marketing program we've got you covered. Our unparalleled breadth of services and manufacturing redundancies assures quality and brand consistency in the execution of any sized POP campaign. We not only simplify the process,... Read more »

By Material Promotions, Inc.

This magic Pop Up Beach Tent is a must have for you if you are going to have a relaxing trip with your fiend or family no matter if at the beach, parks, or other places. It doesn't require any assembly and will automatically open when laid on the ground. It can be used as outdoor canopy, beach... Read more »

By Tex Visions

The Pop Up Magnet combines the user-friendly features of a pop up display with the added ease of magnets. Its structure provides stability and is easy to assemble. The Travel Case allows you to transport the Pop Up Magnet without the worry of leaving anything behind. Gain exposure with the Pop... Read more »

By Tex Visions

The Pop Up Tex is a new and impressive way to advertise. The design of the display ensures superior durability with little or no effort. When using the Pop Up Tex, you will find setup time is minimal and changing advertisements is easy. With the use of Multisol® D 240 SE, you are able to... Read more »

By KDM P.O.P. Solutions Group

POP/POS Printing

As a POP print production powerhouse, our diversity allows us greater flexibility to take on any size campaign, for almost any retail application, on just about any substrate, and in the time frame you need it. For more than 43 years KDM P.O.P. Solutions Group has continually invested in... Read more »

Product Website

By Advantage Fixtures Retail Group

Any corporate color requirements within the PANTONE family is also available. Minimum quantity required. Custom color shown here is New Blue. Ivory and Brown are also available. Popbox™ and the entire Slatbox® range is designed to be the most universal storage system on the market. When... Read more »

By CP Lighting

Our Popsicle Pendants have been best sellers since their introduction in 1994. Made from 100% post-consumer acrylic, these hand colored pendants have been on the forefront of eco design. We also can make custom fixtures and colored panels from this material, just give us a call to discuss the... Read more »