4/14/22- design:retail TLB

Content by Merchco Services Inc.

  • Store Opening Efficiency

    Merchco partnered with the retailer to modify delivery schedules and provide phased deliveries. Merchco also established a team of salaried installers who were dedicated to the account, making it possible to execute the entire installation process in two and a half days. This included the...
  • Consistent Execution

    Merchco immediately introduced consistency into the process by establishing a core group of employees that focused exclusively on this retailer. These employees quickly became experts who could produce the results they sought to achieve. At the same time, Merchco developed an internal training...
  • Merchandising Solutions

    Merchco’s merchandising team worked with the account’s category managers to design a program in which trained personnel visited each location on a monthly basis. While there, they performed various planogram updates and merchandising resets.
  • Freeing Internal Resources

    Merchco established a core group of salaried team leads. Each lead took responsibility for a specific area of the store. In addition, Merchco developed installation guides and training manuals for each area. Additional personnel then trained alongside the core group, ultimately resulting in two...
  • Executing Large Scale Programs

    Merchco developed trained teams by market, coordinated and supervised various trades resulting in an efficient, consistent, on time result in every store. Merchco also developed outstanding rapport with each store team by generating and completing a “honey do” list for each store.
  • Covid-19 Service Solutions

    Merchco is currently assisting customers nationwide with their Covid-19 social distancing implementation needs. Installation of sneeze guards, queuing systems, partitions, repositioning of millwork and gondola shelving, widening aisle spacing and installation of graphics/decals may all be part...